Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be better at business than others? Or, why are others so good in whatever they do? If so, then you’re not alone. It’s human nature always to want to know what makes us different. Successful entrepreneurs all have a story to tell, a lesson to teach, and an impact to make. Most of them didn’t become victorious accidentally, but they strived for such victory. You probably know that hard work, discipline, and time management are crucial in succeeding. What personality types? Do they count? Let’s discuss four of those.

Who Is an Entrepreneur?

First, who is an entrepreneur? This is simply someone who comes up with a new business idea and looks for resources to start and run the business. Further, an entrepreneur (ESTP) can also be someone with the Extroverted, Observant, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits. Entrepreneurs are curious, creative, decisive, energetic, and action-oriented. They like taking responsibility for their actions, uncovering life’s opportunities, and navigating whatever is in front of them. Successful entrepreneurs can be of the following personality types:


These are people with N (intuitive) and T (thinking) personality types and are known for impartiality, rationality, and intellectual excellence. They can either be an ENTP (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting) or an ENTJ (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging). Architects, logicians, commanders, and debaters fall under this category of personality type.

Commanders are ENTJs, and those like them with this personality type know for a long time that they’re not destined to work at a desk for their life in a world full of possibilities. They’re natural leaders with confidence and charisma. They’re ready to take charge and follow their dreams without fearing obstacles on their way. They welcome any challenge against themselves. They also start unique businesses but think logically about that process. ETNJs are highly effective leaders.

ENTPs, like debaters, are quick thinkers and extremely knowledgeable. They love to understand everything about any situation. They can generate solutions to problems in a way most people would never imagine. They’re also charismatic, and their confidence and intelligence fascinate those around them. They make victorious entrepreneurs due to their thirst for knowledge.


These are of the N (intuitive) and F (feeling) personality types known to show passionate idealism, empathy, and diplomatic skills. Those under this personality type include; – advocates, mediators, campaigners, and protagonists. They’re either an ENFP(extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and prospecting) or an ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging).

ENFPs like the campaigner are cause-oriented. They bring others to fight for their causes. They’re romantic but warm and approachable. ENFPs see where people might fit into their scheme (where they’ll be most happy and useful). They’re usually found spearheading ventures, more so in innovative fields and not in offices. They’re also very independent, something that stimulates their desire to be entrepreneurs.

ENFJs like the protagonist are rare in this world, and those who exist tend to perform significant duties like teachers. They can reach people of all backgrounds and inspire them. Real ENFJs believe that change can occur for the better. They want to feel the brightness of the world while they witness how it heads there. Their passion for people can be seen in everything they do as they’re also influential even outside of the business.


They form part of the S (observant) and J (judging) personality type and are known for practicality, and their emphasis on order, security, and stability. They’re mainly an ESTJ (extroverted, observant, thinking, and judging) and include; -defenders, executive, logistician, and consul. ESTJs are less romantic and more realistic. They get things done, and unlike other entrepreneur personality types, they lead in decision making.

The executives, for instance, are decision-oriented and make most business decisions, something that’s inborn. They’re great leaders and have the potential of making everybody work effectively. ESTJs never fear facing challenges, and they can do everything it takes to push harder even when circumstances seem unbearable.


These are people like adventurers, entrepreneurs, doers, and entertainers who have S (observant) and P (prospecting) personality types. They’re known for their inventiveness and flexibility, mainly ESTPs (extroverted, observant, thinking, and prospecting).

ESTPs, like entrepreneurs, are an interesting mixture of intelligence and fun. They’re cautious and ponder over issues before acting and are good at fixing mistakes as they move. They have a high-risk tolerance and can easily escape from challenging situations that may come up abruptly. ESTPs enjoy having fun, and that means they have to be around many people. Most ESTPs are moguls and have mastered contract negotiations.

The doers are almost similar to commanders and are innate entrepreneurs. Unlike commanders who approach things with an action plan, ESTPs like doers’ leap towards their dreams. In case of a fall or mistake in the process, they fix such issues and continue moving. They’re invested in risk-taking and are the masters of their destinies.

Which Personality Type Are You?

Do you have an entrepreneurial drive but still feel disqualified from falling into any of the above categories? Don’t worry! You’re not hopeless. You can be an entrepreneur in any of those four personality types. All of them are closely related to entrepreneurship. Some people may be appalled by one personality type and not the other. After reading through this discussion, do you think there’s a correlation between personality type and entrepreneurial success? If you have identified strongly with any of the personality types, congrats! Why not do a Sigma male test?

The Bottom Line

Most people happen to be entrepreneurs, but very few end up being successful and victorious. While such ones may have personal reasons for succeeding, most of the characteristics and qualities of a good entrepreneur are similar. On the contrary, various personality types can dictate the success of a particular entrepreneur. Different successful entrepreneurs possess any one of the personality types, and that helps them in moving forward to being who they are. I hope this discussion will help you identify with any of the traits and cultivate them to become a better entrepreneur! Are you thinking of a small business to start? See what suits you at Instant Loan.