Tips On Moisturizing Your Hair Properly And Naturally

Tips On Moisturizing Your Hair Properly And Naturally

From shampoos to conditioners and treatments. I bet that most men have struggled with having very dry hair. There comes a point in our lives that these locks we have are becoming frizzier, not to mention all those split ends. You may have encountered this problem before, or maybe you’re dealing with it now. I know the reason why you clicked this article, so, let’s get right to the part where give you tips on how to care for your hair properly.

I can say that it’s impossible that you haven’t dealt with this problem all your life. However, if you haven’t, then girl, you’re pretty lucky. We all know men who struggle with these hair problems, may it be split ends, dryness, or even breakage. You’re going to hear me say “care for your hair” a lot in this article. It’s to remind you that you may be making mistakes with how you’re treating your hair.

On that note, it’s normal to make mistakes when it comes to hair care since we all know nobody is perfect. Nobody said that you have to get it right all the time. As time passes by, you’ll discover new products and techniques on how to get your haircare right. Instead of continuously doing the wrong methods, let’s talk about the five most common mistakes by people all around the globe.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes

1. You Don’t Keep Your Scalp Clean

Some might say that washing your hair all the time can also damage it, I believe it’s true. However, you still need to wash your scalp regularly because there might be stored bacteria. These types of bacteria may continue to grow if you don’t cleanse properly.

Sure, you want to keep your hair healthy, and that’s why it’s recommended to wash your scalp at least twice a week. This way, you aren’t storing those bacteria on your scalp which will help in making your hair healthy.

When you’re keeping your scalp clean, it’s also important to moisturize it. This way, you can avoid any more damages on the surface. Check out this link!

2. The Thing With Conditioner

Some prefer using conditioner regularly, while some schedule a day or two in the week. Which of those two kinds of people is doing it right? Using a conditioner can often be confusing, considering how many times you are supposed to use it. Most of us would agree that when you condition your hair, it becomes silky smooth. Who doesn’t like having smooth and manageable hair every day?

Going back to the question at hand (which of those two kinds of people are doing it right?) believe me when I say, it’s preferable to condition your hair at least once per week.

men washing his hair

3. Heat Styling

We can all agree that we can’t avoid styling our hair. Maybe that’s because it makes us look great and we feel more confident. It feels good to always look put together, but that doesn’t mean you should go ahead and destroy your hair. As time passes, you’ll realize that you were slowly breaking your hair’s moisture the whole time.

It’s important to avoid heat styling when you want your hair to stay healthy. Heat can damage the layers of your hair including the surface. If you want to preserve the healthy-looking hair you already have, then avoid heat-styling or exposing it in broad daylight. This way, you no longer have to worry about breakage or dryness. Since heat styling can damage your hair in so many ways it’s better to avoid doing it.

men's hair style

4. You Don’t Cut-Off Damaged Ends

If you’re worried about the state of your hair, then check the tips if there are damages. We can’t deny the fact that we may always have damaged ends, but do we ever cut it? Even if you’re longing for very long hair, you can still preserve its healthy look by getting a trim.

When it comes to caring for your hair, it’s better to cut off the damaged ends than just keeping it there. Sure, you want it long, but that won’t matter if the ends don’t give off a silky straight look. We can all agree that we can’t appreciate the length of our hair when it’s damaged to the maximum level. That’s why you should cut off the ends so that your locks will look as perfect as ever.

5. You’re Treating Your Hair Roughly

Do you comb your hair often? Is it with a hair comb or your fingertips?

Either way, if you aren’t gentle with the strands, it will lead to no good. Even if you’re using a detangler hairbrush or something similar, be sure to be gentle with your strands. This way, you’re not pulling your hair strands out of your scalp. If your hair is always tangled, don’t just comb it in a rush. Later on, it will lead to further damage.

Now that we have tackled the five most common mistakes, we’ll jump into why your hair is usually dry or lacks moisture. But before that, how do we know that our hair is dry?

To put it in the simplest way possible, your hair loses its shine, or it will appear dull. Furthermore, as I have said before, it will be frizzy. When you’re about to start your day, it will frustrate you greatly, and that’s not healthy. Who wants a bad hair day anyway? To know how to avoid these certain problems, just keep on reading.

Man with frizzy hair

Why Does Our Hair Look Dry?

We may find it easy to accept the fact of having dry hair. However, dealing with it is a whole other problem. You’ll end up frustrated because your hair is always in tangles. You can’t always fix it in an instant and that’s a bother.

The first cause is because your scalp is not producing enough moisture that your hair needs. Secondly, your cuticles are not that healthy anymore. That means, they can’t lock in the moisture your hair already has. In the end, the moisture you have will be lost or have escaped.

When it comes to treating hair dryness, first you should know the how’s and why’s. For example, how do we treat brittleness and breakage? But why you should go for that treatment? There may be a lot of questions running around your mind, and we’ll answer those questions shortly. For now, let us learn what causes dryness.

  • There are several causes when it comes to dry hair. One of which is the exposure to heat. If you live in a place where there’s usually a hot climate, then expect your hair to lack moisture. Another cause is chemically treating your hair. Most of us need to understand that chemicals and styling products can damage our hair to the maximum level.
  • In order to beat the heat during those hot days, you might want to go for a swim. However, chlorinated water can also damage our hair greatly. Our hair surface and strands can’t always stand those harsh chemicals. That’s why they break down when they are exposed to these sorts of chemicals.
  • Like I have mentioned earlier, heat-styling can damage it also. If you blow-dry your hair regularly, don’t expect it to be so moisturized unless you applied some product to protect it from the heat (read more). Lastly, washing your hair regularly can also cause dryness. Like I’ve mentioned before, there should be a scheduled time in the week of when you’ll wash your hair.

How To Prevent Dryness

I believe that most of us have experienced having dull or dry hair. It’s hard to avoid these situations when you live in a place with a very hot climate. Even in the summer you can experience having dry hair because of the heat. Luckily, we have a variety of products to choose from nowadays. But do you know what your hair needs?

Most of us would agree that treating dryness naturally is the best way to go. If you’re someone who often uses different kinds of products to solve hair problems, then girl, you’re doing it wrong. There are ways to solve those problems by reading this article. So, if you want to know more, just keep on reading.

Since dryness is often the result of the lack of moisture, it’s very important to keep your hair moisturized. Dryness can result in breakage, frizz, and brittleness. Later on, you might be worried about hair loss because your strands are falling out. Caring for it properly means healthy hair, that’s why you should take the time to learn about naturally moisturizing it.

  • First and foremost is to trim your hair regularly. This way, you can cut off the damaged ends. Along with keeping your hair healthy, is to keep your hands out of your hair. Why? You can avoid all that bacteria from going into your scalp or hair strands. Since bacteria are capable of growing, it’s better to avoid them at all costs.
  • Deep condition regularly, but not to the point where you damage your hair. I guess it’s better if you set a time and date of when you’ll condition your hair. This way, you’re safely nourishing your hair and not overdoing it. Additionally, moisturizing your locks with a shampoo or conditioner that has water as a first ingredient is very helpful. You can also use oils to seal moisture.
  • There are different varieties of products out there and you might have a hard time picking one. Considering that you’re currently learning about how to moisturize hair naturally, it’s important to know what products you’re about to use. You must make sure that it answers most of your hair problems. There’s no point in buying an expensive shampoo if it doesn’t work that well for you.

Why Is It Important To Moisturize Our Hair?

When our hair lacks moisture, it will lose its vibrance. Making it look dull and uncared for.

As men, we like to have smooth and vibrant hair. Who likes having dry and dull hair these days? We can all agree that none of us wants that, but are you preventing it from happening? Look, we get lazy sometimes – to the point where we don’t even want to do haircare anymore. However, it’s high time to exercise some discipline.

Sure, having great hair doesn’t come in an instant when it’s damaged. However, the first step to making it look perfect is to moisturize and continue to nourish it. I believe it’s the key to having manageable hair every day. Personally, it feels great to wake up having good hair in the morning. Plus, it won’t even have that many tangles since it’s silky and smooth now.

Fixing ourselves in the morning may take some time. From bathing, choosing the clothes we want to wear, makeup, and finally, our hair. Styling our hair shouldn’t take a lot of time. We all know that most of us don’t have all the time in the world, especially when you’re working. If you’re always in a rush in the morning, then you often don’t have time to fix your hair. However, you still need to look presentable.

That’s why it’s very convenient to have manageable hair. You don’t have to deal with stubborn tangles. You no longer have to take time to style your hair to look presentable. Instead, you can just comb your hair on your way to work! Imagine, you’re saving time, and looking good. Isn’t that just every girls’ dream routine?

I’m guessing you already know the importance of moisturizing your hair properly and naturally. Nobody wants to ignore haircare, but sometimes, we’re just lazy to do it. But now that you know what causes those damages, searching for remedies wouldn’t be so hard anymore.

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget about stuff like skincare and haircare. All of us have different reasons. The point is, moisturizing is important, but it’s up to you to make it consistent. This way, you’ll know if what you’re doing is making a difference for your hair. Protection Status

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