Men’s Hairstyles – Slick Wet Look & Bedhead

Men’s Hairstyles – Slick Wet Look & Bedhead

Bored of styling your hair the same and never changing your hair cut? Here are a few options for you to choose from.

Popular Men’s Hairstyles for 2013

There are a few popular looks for men at the moment.

  • Slick wet look , with a side parting, add lots of product and sweep over to one side. Leonardo DiCaprio uses this look in the movie The Great Gastby.
  • Bedhead look keeping the hair long at the top and shorter at the sides. A great example of this hairstyle is Adam Levine the front singer of Maroon 5. Use ‘Dust It’ by Schwarzkopf in the roots to help create a matte texture and a little more of the powder product through the ends to help style to one side. These hairstyles are best for those with a little more length on top to the sides.
Leonardo DiCaprio showing slick wet look

Leonardo Di Caprio showing his slick wet look at Cannes with the Great Gatsby Cast.

Adam Levine - bedhead look hairstyle

Prince Harry Look

If you aren’t as daring as these options stick to something similar to Prince Harry, with a shorter length cut all over. For styling use a mattifying product through the hair to create texture and to leave the hair not looking and feeling greasy. This is perfect for guys who are always in a hurry but still want to stay stylish.

Prince Harry - New York - Latest Hairstyles for 2013

David Beckham Look

David Beckham- Hairstyles fashion 2013

These hair styles are best for those with a little more length on top to the sides.

John Carne Knightsbridge hairdresser ‘Dust It’ by Schwarzkopf

Sean Cuts hair according to your hair type and lifestyle

John Carne Knightsbridge hairdresser

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