Have you ever wondered how men’s casual shoes, originally designed for sports and other forms of fitness, evolved into everyday wear? Maybe it’s the level of comfort it offers or its versatility; whatever it is, casual shoes can now be found in different styles, and their popularity continues to rise.  

These shoes have become an important part of almost any wardrobe. They can now be worn on different occasions, including going to a professional setting, on a date, or running errands. As a result of its versatility, every man must own differently-styled casual shoes at all times.  

But with all the different options in the market, getting a pair that fits you can be challenging. So, to start, consider the type of material, style, and fit of the shoe that fits you. Next, find the style of casual shoes that can elevate your look and turn simple wear into a statement piece. 

So, discussed in this article are the best casual shoes for men that are guaranteed to elevate your look.  

1. Sneakers

In the past, men’s sneakers were considered sports and gym wear. However, these casual shoes have evolved in style over time to fit different occasions that range from formal to semi-formal and laid-back. Some of the best options have graced the market, including the vast selection of Nike dunks

Sneakers vary from basic, luxury to sports, with their style depending on what fits your aesthetic. Basic sneakers are a great way to start your collection as they offer simplicity and affordability. But if you are looking for more formal sneakers, consider getting luxury as they tend to be made of leather. And opt for sports sneakers that offer the comfort you need for functionality and sports.  

Nike sneakers

So, for timeless chic, casual shoes that balance convenience and aesthetics, consider getting your preferred sneakers that fit your budget. Look for sneakers that are blister-resistant, have supportive collars, and rubber cup-sole.

2. Boots

With the cold weather comes the need to keep warm without losing your style. And these casual boots come in to offer warmth while maintaining the easygoing look you want. Boots are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable and versatile casual shoes. Some great boot options to choose from include;  

  • Chukka Boots: With origins in India, Chukka boots get their name from a Hindi term which can be translated to casual. These boots were popular among polo players but have evolved into an everyday men’s essential. This type can be classified as a mix of dress shoes and sneakers. Most Chukka boots are ankle-high with a minimalist closure, round toe, and suede or calfskin design.
  • Chelsea Boots: For sleek, elegant, and casual look, ankle boots make a perfect choice. These boots were originally made for riding thanks to elastic sides that make them easy to slip on and off. They come in different colors and materials, such as leather and suede. These audacious shoes offer comfort and keep you warm through the colder seasons.
Ted Baker Trallic Leather Chelsea Boots

Ted Baker Trallic Leather Chelsea Boots

  • Moccasin-Style Boots: Made From Leather: They have distinctive seam work. Moccasins normally have a u-shaped seam that is sewn to create a flattened look. Most of these boots don’t have a defined heel but have a separate sole. This casual boot doesn’t go well with formal wear and is meant for a laidback look. 


3. Brogues

For a more formal look that’s still relaxed, brogues are a perfect choice. Traditionally meant for outdoor wear, these shoes have perforations that allow the top part to dry faster in wet climates.  

Brogues are available in varying types, with full, half, and quarter brogues being the most popular. They are versatile and sophisticated enough for the office but not too prim that you couldn’t rock them on weekends.  

ASOS Brogues

4. Boat Shoes

Boating shoes were originally made for boating as they are made of leather to repel water and with a grip that prevents boat owners from slipping. However, they have evolved into casual shoes perfect for light activities.  

It can be customized to offer enough support with orthotic inserts. These low-cut shoes with slip-resistant soles offer a summery style perfect for these warm evenings.

5. Loafers

Loafers are a popular choice when it comes to casual shoes thanks to their minimalistic look that’s easily adaptable. This casual shoe is a stylish alternative to sandals and isn’t overly fitted in the heel, making it easier to get on and off. The lack of laces is an advantage to anyone looking for flexibility or dexterity in wearing loafer shoes and looking to dress up or down.     


Bottom Line

When chosen well, shoes can double as an accessory that makes your look stand out and stylish. And one type of shoe that men should have has to be casual shoes that come in varying designs, materials, colours, and fits, depending on your preference. So, when choosing casual fits, ensure they can elevate your looks without making you look like you are trying too hard.