I’m a Sole Man

No, I don’t have a foot fetish, yes someones feet tells me a lot about them. It is involuntary, after (or sometimes before) I look someone in the eyes, I notice their sole. When contemplating about what I was going to write about, all of a sudden I had a moment of clarity. I was sitting on the train looking down, and subconsciously I noticed I observe what shoes everyone around me chose to slide their feet in that morning, analyzing where they came from and where they could be going, envious or inspired. When asked to write an article on personal style, I frantically began thinking of topics to touch on, because I myself can’t define my own sense of style. My style is complex, It changes as I age, but I must say I put extra effort into how I want to be perceived by others. Fortunately, a dream came halfway true and I am a professional model living in New York City, the fashion capital of the United States. Since a young age I have felt nothing but bliss when I have had an opportunity to shop for myself. Since moving to New York City from Louisville, Kentucky, I have been able to explore a virtually unlimited market of goods, interact in various environments of demographics exposing me to a vast amount of culture. This moment in life has affected my sense of style forever, yet maintained my own personal flare. I am ethnically ambiguous successfully with my own sense of style starting with my shoes.

Shoes Have A Direct Correlation With Life

One thing I can say, shoes have a direct correlation with what is going on in my life at that moment. I like to keep my shoes relevant to the situation and stylish. I must say I walk with more pep in my step if I am proud of the shoes that are on my feet. I am not OCD as in I am not going to break character and become furious if you step on my toes on accident, however I haven’t worn a pair of all white Supras I purchased years ago on account of not wanting to get them dirty. Since then, I have lost interest in wearing them period. I can’t explain this phenomenon, but I’ll blame it on my youth. No, I am not a hype beast that spends fortunes, nowadays I take more calculated risks. I am an investor with modelesque taste in fashion.

With that being said, I must say the most important factor that comes to mind when I am browsing online, strolling down 5th ave, or walking aimlessly in SoHo hoping to find a gem is how functional and fashionable the shoes are. You won’t catch me wearing snow boots on a day there isn’t a blizzard or socks with my sandals on the beach. I have a pair of black boots for rain/snow and a pair of brown boots, these are fashionable and serving a purpose. I am not good with picking just one favorite, but one of my favorite “lifestyle” shoe belongs in the new balance line up. With a broad range of color schemes, comfort, and longevity in today’s constantly evolving fashion world, these shoes have remained a part of my repertoire for over a decade. This shoe isn’t going anywhere. No I am not a sneaker head, Yes, I have an excessive amount of shoes. My shoes range anywhere from desert boots, gladiator sandals, Toms, Chucks, vans, cross trainers, boat shoes, drivers, oxfords, all the way to my favorite pair of Retro Jordan V’s. I am a man of many hats, with a sole to match. Whether it is attending a formal event in my monk strap Gucci dress shoes, walking the streets of Brooklyn in my classic Chuck Taylors, or hiking on a trail with my Vibram five finger shoe I am going to correlate my shoes to whatever exciting is going on in life.

 A Man Of Many Hats, With A Sole To Match

Growing up and to this day I have more shoes than I had friends (kinda sorta), and I like when my friends have nice shoes. Ladies I am referring to you too since we reflect one another if we were to go on a date. You must have feet that look as if you haven’t mistreated them along with a respectable taste in shoes. Sorry, that means UGGS, dirty white flip flops or chipped toenail polish are immediate red flags. BREAKING NEWS: you don’t even have to wear 6 inch red bottoms to impress me, those are bad for your posture anyway. When one finds their own style, it doesn’t mean you can afford premium brands or what is trendy, it is an art you learn to master, it is balance. If you have a personal sense of style, it will be eternal. You will be able to define simple from basic and be confident in the image you are projecting from head (mindset) to toe (future).