The first impression is the last impression. This phrase is completely true to the fact that clothes also play an essential role in enhancing our personality and making it attractive. It is not always necessary that very expensive garments make you look attractive; you can also have the best selection of clothes within a limited budget.

The selection of your clothes should always be based on the weather of the environment. Moreover, a little understanding of the selection of dresses can enhance your personality. It is certain that the clothes you wear at home will not wear to your workplace, college, or at any function.

Wearing similar types of clothes continuously makes your look boring hence it becomes necessary to keep experimenting with the clothes. It often becomes necessary to include multiple options in your wardrobe. Men should especially pay attention to the selection of their clothes because they spend most of their day at their workplace, meeting new clients and attending meetings.

So here we have come up with some great tips for your apparel selection, suitable for every season, and will help you stand out everywhere, whether it is your work area, any function, or any date.

1. Floral shirts or T-shirts with shorts

Floral Shirts or T-Shirts with Shorts for Men can prove to be the best casual sunny day outfit, whether you want to wear this outfit to your workplace or any trip with friends, apart from giving a smart look you will also feel very comfortable in it. So this outfit will also be a good choice for rainy and sunny days.

men floral shirt

For a standout look, pair a half-sleeved floral shirt with shorts. You can choose from micro-sized flower motif designs to oversized patterns; what you like or feel looks better on you. This look works exceptionally well for vacations too.

2. Solid shirt or t-shirt over jeans

A shirt or t-shirt with jeans can be the best casual wear for men, be it for summer days or cold days. If you carry it correctly, it can speed up the summer layering. Plus, a casual cotton shirt worn over a T-shirt in the contrast shade is a great summer outfit for men. Complete your look with a pair of baggy jeans and sneakers to stay comfortable all day, and if it’s cold outside, carry a jacket over the shirt.

You can never go wrong with a perfect pair of denims; whether you pair it up with a t-shirt or a shirt, it always helps your look stand out. But it often gets challenging to find the perfect pair for ourselves, if we find the right size, then its material is not comfortable, and the one of the perfect shade is too loose.

Polo Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Custom Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt, Garden Pink

Polo Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Custom Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt, Garden Pink

We have come up with the best solution for all of your denim/bottom wear worries – Freddy. Freddy provides a huge range of varieties from different shades to sizes to materials. You can easily find the latest fashion here without compromising on the quality; it is a 100% trusted and certified brand you can trust without any doubt.

3. Shirt with formal trousers

A White/Black shirt with formal trousers is always the best look for office-going men, it is an excellent professional look, apart from this you can also experiment with some light-coloured formal shirts and darker trousers.

Always keep a black shirt in your wardrobe; a black shirt makes one look quite sexy. With a black shirt on, you can get the look; whether it is an office night party or a sudden party plan with friends, or a dinner date, this will prove to be a great outfit for all these occasions; you can also try checks and denim shirt as another option.

4. Polo T-shirts are a better choice for men with shorts

The Polo T-Shirt is the Best Casual Summer Day Outfit for Men who loves to wear shorts. Polo T-Shirts paired with shorts will make up for a class yet comfortable outfit and are considered one of the quickest additions to one’s casual wardrobe. Pair your polo t-shirt with loafers and jeans for a more casual look.

polo shirt menday outfit

5. Classics T-shirt and cropped or ripped denim

Even in today’s fashion world, classic T-shirts are like wine; the older, the better it gets. The classic t-shirt gives a very sexy look. Pair classics with cropped or ripped denim and converse shoes.

If you want a funky look, wear a long T-shirt, loose ripped denim, and a baseball cap. Also, wearing canvas sneakers will give you a groovy look. If you are ever confused about the choice of apparel, layer a plaid shirt over a plain t-shirt and pair it with denim.

Apart from these, you can also give preference to panel track pants, which are also in trend. Side panel track pants are a great option for men; you can wear them for the gym, grocery shopping, jogging, or game night.

You can also wear it with hoodies and sweatshirts in mild winters; this will make up for a very attractive yet comfortable combination. While attending any formal party or wedding function, you must give preference to blazers, pair them up with nice fitted trousers or even denim will look cool.


We have provided you with some basic outfit ideas that one must add to their wardrobe to avoid repeating the same boring clothes and make a fashion statement.