Beards are designed to grow genetically, and for most individuals, nobody jumps in to offer a beard grooming lesson. Yes, your dad can surely teach you how to shave, but you need some handy beard trimming tips when you live away from home or on your own.

When it comes to beards, you will find numerous ways to style it but trimming it properly dictates the final look. After all, if you are growing your facial hair, you might as well do it the correct way. This is where a beard trimmer turns into every man’s best friend.

Men’s beard trimmer helps groom that beard you have worked on for weeks, making it look tidy and appealing. However, the best thing about a men’s beard trimmer is that it’s absolutely easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

So, if your go-to barber is not available or you don’t want to step out of your house, we have compiled five essential tips to help you achieve your perfect beard trim at home. Follow through these easy steps to attain your desired trim using a men’s beard trimmer:

1. Brush Out Your Beard For An Even Beard Trim

Wash and dry out your beard before you begin. Follow it by brushing your beard to make it stand out and find any inconsistencies in hair length if any.

The best way to trim your beard using a beard trimmer is to first properly brush the beard out to remove any knots or fringes. This ensures that when you start trimming, you find an even and smooth surface to work on.

2. Go All In With A Beard Trimmer

When in question, you can opt for an even length by using a beard guard. This ensures that you don’t accidentally make unwanted cuts while trimming.

We recommend you keep your trimmer at a ninety-degree angle from your face and begin moving downwards in a straight line. This method works perfectly well for both short and long beard styles.

3. Trim Away Anything Extra

You can use your beard trimmer without its guard to trim out any extra hair that may be standing out. Follow it by setting your beard trimmer to its maximum length setting and trim the beard all over again. Remember to always go against the direction of the hair growth when removing excess hair from an area. Repeat the step using a shorter length setting until you get your desired length.

4. Define Your Neckline

One of the easiest ways to define your neckline is to trim anything that falls below your Adam’s apple. For getting the ideal beard neckline, place a finger horizontally just above your Adam’s apple and start trimming vertical strips down this line.

You can choose to overlook this step if you want to sport a stubble. Keep in mind that neckline matters when trimming a full beard.

5. Don’t Ignore The Moustache

Fancy a stache? Yes? Then you should trim your moustache to the same length as your beard. Or you can simply leave it slightly lengthier to achieve a daringly different look.

For a nice, clean lip line, all you need to do is close your mouth and give yourself a smile in the mirror to start trimming the bottom of your beard with a beard trimmer. It is preferable if you don’t use the beard trimmer without its comb to create a 1 mm clear line above your lips.

Knowing how to trim your beard using a men’s beard trimmer and all by yourself is something of a life skill, which will surely serve you well. We want to make sure you get all the help you need, so here are some additional beard trimming tips for you:

  • Trim your beard when it is dry to get a better sense of how it will look.
  • Invest in a solid pair of clippers that will last longer and are durable.
  • Don’t assume that all the guards are of the same length.
  • Always perform a test on a higher guard before you settle into your preferred length.
  • When trimming the underside, stretch out the skin as some parts of the neck can bunch up together. This makes sure that you graze over the actual surface of the skin to get the perfect trim.

No More Compromise with Beard Trimming

To know how to trim your beard is an essential life skill that comes in handy, often. Undoubtedly, growing a beard is an art form. Be it the meticulously clipped goatee, the classic van dyke, or the minimalist chin strip, growing facial hair will always be a bold statement style.

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