While cosmetic surgery may not be synonymous with the male marketplace, men are increasingly interested in this lucrative sector. More specifically; it’s estimated that nearly half of UK men have expressed an interest in cosmetic surgery, while both enquiries and procedures are on the rise.

Incredibly, enquiries for certain procedures have risen by up to 100% over the course of the last two years, while the city of Manchester has become the UK’s male cosmetic capital with one-in-two men admitting to either planning or having a procedure carried out.

We’ll explore these numbers in more detail below while asking which types of surgery are most popular amongst men.

What are the Main Areas of Concern for Men?

According to the Transform Hospital Group, hair (or the hairline), the nose and stomach are the three most popular areas that men are interested in changing through cosmetic surgery.

This makes sense, of course, especially when you consider the prominence of these features and their impact on the average individual’s self-esteem and body confidence.

This translates into rising levels of demand for specific cosmetic procedures, with rhinoplasty offering a relevant case in point.

This surgery, which involves changing the shape or size of the nose, is increasingly popular amongst men, with Google search trends highlighting significant increases in UK searches for ‘male rhinoplasty to the tune of 128% year-on-year.

Interestingly, searches for ‘Gynaecomastia’ (which refers to male breast reduction) increased by 88% during the same period, while there was an 84% hike in the number of search queries pertaining to a male hair transplant.

These surgeries represent the three most popular cosmetic procedures amongst men in the UK, while liposuction of the stomach and abdominal areas also proved a leading property among the 47% of UK males who have an interest in this type of surgery.

Around the UK – What do the Figures Tell Us?

As we’ve already said, male cosmetic surgery has become most popular in the northern city of Manchester, where male breast reduction procedures are up by a staggering 101% year-on-year.

In the same location, abdominoplasty (or tummy tucks to you and me) increased by 101% during the same period, while ear and eyelid surgeries rose by 100% and 82% respectively.

According to the numbers, cosmetic surgery has also become increasingly popular in the cities of London or Leeds, where 46% and 38% of men have had surgeries carried out or are planning specific procedures in the future.

At the other end of the spectrum, the residents of Norwich, Edinburgh and Newcastle were the least interested in cosmetic procedures, with just 12%, 17% and 19% respectively showing any interest at all in this type of surgery.

Regardless, there’s no doubt that interest in male cosmetic surgery has increased markedly in recent times, while this trend is unlikely to abate anytime soon.