5 Essentials To Pack For An American Road Trip With The Boys

5 Essentials To Pack For An American Road Trip With The Boys

American Style Roadtrip with the boys

There’s a few obvious essentials you need to pack for the ultimate American road trip with the boys: your wheels, your mates and your playlist.

It doesn’t matter where you go but it does matter that you travel in comfort and arrive in style so when you’re packing your bag, make sure these five things are in there:


Don’t leave home without at least one classic white tee. The simple white t-shirt is an iconic piece of clothing for any road trip. With it, you can stride into any roadside diner for breakfast, onto any beach to hangout or into any club and just look cool.

Lightweight and comfortable, they’re ideal for long journeys and take up barely any space in your bag so make life on the road easy and pack two. 883 Police design boys designer clothes with an American feel, and so they have some great t-shirts with a cool, laid-back style perfect for a road trip.

833 Police T-shirt

T-Shirt by 883 Police


No matter where you’re going, if you’re on a road trip holiday you need to pack shorts. It might be tempting to pack a comedy pair of bermudas but cargo shorts are not only more stylish, they’re more practical too.

Cargo shorts are light, durable, look great with creases and have plenty of pockets for your wallet, phone and keys. For ultimate comfort, style and practicality, go for browns or greys. Muted colours look good with pretty much anything and unlike black shorts, they won’t make you feel like your thighs are cooking in a hot car.


Every great man that took a road trip had an accessory that made him stand out from the crowd. Think Johnny Depp’s fly swat in Fear and Loathing, Woody Harrelson’s cowboy hat in Zombieland or the unforgettable mankini that Borat took with him…

Ok. Maybe not, but you get the idea. Be an individual among your pals and personalise your laid-back look with a hat or shades, a belt or bag, or just pop your collar or roll your t-shirt sleeves in the style of road-trip legend, James Dean.

James Dean Style Icon


Every man needs a quality pair of denims and whether you prefer a smart or more casual worn look, jeans for men are one of the key looks for a road trip, especially when you pick a relaxed fit over a skinny one.

Made from cotton, jeans are comfortable, they wear well, are tough enough to handle roadside repairs in and if they start to look untidy or unclean, who cares? Dirty denims say you’ve been on and adventure.

LAKER 302 JEANS by 883 Police

LAKER 302 JEANS by 883 Police


Hot days are followed by cool nights and a stylish jacket is a must. Padded jackets are comfy but the road trip leaves little room for bulk in the back seat. Opt instead for something just as practical but a bit more edgy and pick up a slim-fit, tailored, denim, leather or military style jacket.

Quality jackets are robust and won’t crease or crumple. The bonus here is not that you’ll look fresh and tidy wherever you go, but that you can roll up your coat and use it as a pillow on the way there.



You can find everything you need for the ultimate, carefree road trip with the boys online from 883 Police. Place your order, pack your bag, load up the boot and hit the open road.

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