Whether you are hosting a corporate event or trying to raise money for a deserving cause, the popularity of a casino night can’t be topped. For those who love to travel to Vegas or Reno or guests who have never visited Sin City, a casino night fundraiser is a great way to celebrate your event and raise money for your charitable organization.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to have a standard casino night for your event, why not take things up a notch and add a dress theme. This will require your guests to wear specific outfits, colors, or costumes to help make your event unique and exciting. You will need to list your dress code on your invitations so your guests have time to prepare for your event.

It’s important as the host of the event to encourage your guests to follow the suggested dress code. However, you should not make the dress code theme mandatory. What you can say on the invitation is that a minimum of cocktail or black tie dress is required for the event. You don’t want to end up with some guests wearing their best and others dressed too casually to be acceptable for your overall theme.

To encourage your guests to join in the dress-up fun, you can offer prizes for the most elaborate or creative wardrobes. Make sure to advertise the dress code requirements in all of your literature and invitations.  Let’s take a closer look at a few attire ideas for casino fundraisers that your guests will love.

Roaring 20s

In the 1920s, people were celebrating the end of Prohibition; in the 2020s we are celebrating the end of a global pandemic. What better way to enjoy your casino fundraiser than asking your guests to embrace the glitz and glamour of the Gatsby era. Fringed dresses, headbands, gleaming Oxfords, and banded Fedoras are on the best-dressed list for your Roaring 20’s casino night. Bring in an orchestra to provide your event with the best of the Big Band era music to set the tone for your evening.

Black and White

There is nothing more elegant and easy for your casino night guests than requesting that a black and white dress theme be followed for your event. Your male guests will have no problem finding a tuxedo for your event, and every woman loves the perfect little black dress. Make sure that your decor, food, and drinks follow the black and white theme.

Masquerade Ball

Add some intrigue and drama to your casino night fundraiser by making it a masquerade ball. While most of us are tired of wearing masks, you can make it fun and ask your guests to wear a Venetian eye mask instead of a mouth covering. You can add a silent auction to your event so that bidders are all anonymous behind their masks.

Animal Kingdom

It may not be fashionable to wear the skins of animals in the modern world, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from hosting a Safari themed casino night. Bring in some tropical plants, decorate with animal prints and ask your guests to deck themselves out in tribute to their favourite animals.

Fairy Tales

No one is ever old enough to not enjoy a good fairy tale. If you want to turn your casino night fundraiser into something magical, you can request that your guests embrace their inner Cinderellas and Prince Charmings and dress as their favourite literary or Fairy Tale character.

Hosting a casino night fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money for your favourite cause, individual, or charity. If you want to create an event that will entertain your guests beyond the playing tables, try one of these dress themes.