The overcoat is a garment that it is designed to be worn over the jacket. The overcoat was used by the higher class indicating social status. By the 80s, overcoats started to become mainstream as being essential to business dressers. Nowadays, it is considered to be a key piece for the well-dressed gentlemen.

On today’s post, we had a beautiful walk with Christos Niflis from Christakis in Kolonaki, talking about one of the most iconic pieces. The overcoat.

Over Coat - It's A Man's Class

Over Coat - It's A Man's Class

The Style

The overcoat can be either single or double-breasted and it usually has a single vent at the back. It should be full length, which is a dressier option, or 3/4 of full length, which is usually preferred by younger men. It shouldn’t be short because it doesn’t protect the legs from cold. A long overcoat has also a pretty nice movement as you walk, upgrading your style on the spot.
The overcoat should be comfortable on top of a shirt and suit jacket and doesn’t restrict movement. It shouldn’t also make x-wrinkles when buttoned.

Over Coat - It's A Man's Class

Quality Comes First

An overcoat is considered to be an investment. It is a piece of clothing that should definitely be quality in order to be timeless. It should be 100% wool or cashmere or wool-cashmere blend in order to keep you warm, be durable and look flawless. When purchasing your first overcoat you should consider getting it classic in style and colour in order to be timeless and easy to match with most of your suits. Classic colours are navy, black, charcoal and camel.

Overcoat - It's A Man's Class Overcoat - It's A Man's Class

The Look

The camel single-breasted overcoat that I am wearing is made of cashmere wool blend. It is 3/4 of full length and has a raglan sleeve. I combined a navy 2-button blazer with a pair of grey flannel trousers, a striped light blue handmade shirt with contrast white collar and a pair of classic black oxford bespoke shoes. I embellished my outfit with a solid grey tie, a floral pochette a pair of yellow socks and Longines Conquest Heritage watch.

Over Coat - It's A Man's Class Over Coat - It's A Man's Class

Get The Look

An overcoat garment is stylish, yet warm. A classic piece that every gentleman should own. The total look of Christos and me by Christakis | Shoes by Ioannis Karagiorgos | Watch by Longines

Over Coat - It's A Man's Class Over Coat - It's A Man's Class Over Coat - It's A Man's Class