Having a car is more than just owning a transportation device that will take you from one place to another. Men and women see their cars as objects that give them great satisfaction. Cars are no longer just an item to ease our lives but to make us feel better.

Many manufacturers and car dealerships are going to sell you a vehicle that is poorly equipped. It seems like there’s nothing more than four tires and a wheel inside. You feel like you’re driving a tin can with lights in front.

If you have this experience, it’s time to spice up things by installing additional items. The options are endless; the car industry and industries revolving around it offer so many options to choose from. In this article, we’re sharing five ideas that might be helpful for you to decide what to select and add to your vehicle. Follow up and see what these items are!

1. Dashboard camera

Have you seen those Tik Tok videos where drivers recorded amazing events from the road? These are made with a dashboard camera. The drivers didn’t pull out their cameras just at the right time, but they have one 24/7.

This way, you can tell the story of what happened to you and back it up with proof. Moreover, a dashboard cam is perfect for protecting yourself against lawsuits and frauds or liars who are trying to frame you for doing something you didn’t do.

Dash camera

2. Canopy in the trunk

If you’re driving a pickup truck, then you have a lot of free space in the back to place anything you like. However, many people face the problem of leaving their valuable items in the back without worrying that someone might snatch them.

To end these worries and always have a compartment where items can be stored without the chance for thieves to get them, you need a canopy. There are more types, among which the best one is the aluminum canopy.

These boxes are made to be virtually indestructible and lightweight. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions, someone breaking into them, or anything for that matter. There’s enough room inside to store anything you like, and at the same time, they are easily removed. If you need it with you, the aluminum is so lightweight that you can carry it with one arm.

pickup canopy

3. Baby monitor

Having a baby and not having a car is a disastrous experience. You can’t take it anywhere, and all babies need a visit to the doctor, the kindergarten, going to the store, in the park, etc. You’ll sit the baby on the backseat, but since they are so small, it’s hard seeing what they do at all times.

You might need to turn around and see, which might be enough for a disastrous accident. To prevent this, you need to install a baby camera. A small cam that will monitor what the baby is doing, and at the same time, you’ll have a screen under the mirror showing you what the camera records.

4. Rear bumper camera

More than half of all drivers have a hard time parking their cars in reverse. It’s simply not an easy job for some people, which is why they need help from technology. Back in the day, there would’ve been nothing they could do, but today, cameras help them park the car as efficiently as possible.

One installed in the rear of the vehicle will show what is there behind them, show how far they are from any object, and help them parallel park much easier than before. This is a simple piece of technology that can end the struggle of so many people.

5. Bike holder in the back

How many times have you wanted to combine the car driving experience with bike riding? Too many times, right? A bike holder in the back is going to end this issue forever. It’s easy to be mounted and even easier to place the bikes on the car.

Modern-type bike holders have the option to place two or more bikes that are perfect for going on a field trip and ride bikes in nature. The entire family can enjoy a great time outside of the city by driving to a particular place and enjoying some bike riding in the great outdoors.

rear car bike holder


There are probably hundreds of more options out there that you can choose from. Of course, you won’t be thrilled by all of them, but you can still find some inspiration about how to improve your vehicle and make your driving experience better. Feel free to try some of these, and be sure that you’ll love the outcome.