Enjoying life as a confident and inspiring man in modern society is not always easy. One thing that can make it a whole lot simpler though is possessing certain skills to rely on. Whomever you are, and wherever you may come from, having a range of useful skills not only makes you more interesting but also, handy to have around.

Although you might not always need to use every single one you learn on a regular basis, simply having these skills in your locker can be a reassuring thought. As you might expect, many men are keen to get all they can from the coming year, and they’ll want to learn some valuable skills to grow with.

But which five skills should you be focusing on in the coming months? 

1. Learn how to invest

Learn how to invest 

Picking up useful new skills is a great way for men to live their best life and develop as people. One essential skill to think about honing this year is investing. This is such a great idea for a few simple reasons.

To begin with, picking up investment skills in the coming 12 months means that you will actually be able to start trading assets on the global financial markets and build wealth. With the interest rates offered by most savings accounts being tiny, refining your investment skills means that you’ll know how to make your money work harder.

In addition, picking up new skills in this area will simply add to your bank of knowledge and educate you on how the financial markets work. From knowing what causes inflation to learn how GDP figures impact investors, you will learn a lot of interesting concepts when finding out more about this subject.

2. Learn to play an instrument

play guitar

Just as getting beach ready is key for all men with summer approaching, focusing on some cool new skills to learn is also worthwhile. Learning to play an instrument is a great example and something you should definitely think about.

But why is this such a great tip for 2023? For starters, learning to play an instrument is lots of fun and makes you look pretty cool. Even if you can only bash out a few chords on a guitar, it will make you a more interesting person. Learning to play an instrument is also an engaging way to spend your spare time and can boost your coordination/concentration. 

3. Next-level conversation skills

conversation skills

If you are looking for top skills for men to build in 2023, working on your conversational abilities is a great choice. This is something of a dying art around the world, as we are spending more time communicating via text or digitally. Next-level conversational skills are still handy in real-life and a variety of situations.

Being able to converse confidently with work colleagues, for example, can make you more popular with them. Being able to talk about a range of things in an interesting, engaging way is also useful when hanging out with buddies. Good conversational skills are worth their weight in gold on a date and will help you make the right impression. 

4. DIY skills

DIY skills

Although it might seem like something of a stereotype in modern times, being able to fix things around the home is a skill that all men should pick up this year. This is because being able to carry out DIY tasks not only makes you feel good but also saves you lots of money on calling tradespeople in!

While you should only take on tasks you are qualified for (don’t touch electrics, for example, unless you are properly trained to do so!), brushing up on basic DIY skills is fun. From leaking faucets to broken light fittings and dodgy door handles, you should find it pretty simple to carry out a range of jobs around the home.

5. First aid

First aid

Another skill to think about developing in 2023 is first aid. Learning some basic first aid skills will not only ensure that you can care for yourself, but you’ll also be able to look after family members who might have had an accident.

In addition, getting some basic first aid knowledge also means you can help people who might have injured themselves when at work or out of the house. Although they will usually be fairly low-level skills, they may even see you saving a life one day.

New skills for men to pick up in 2023

Being a modern, assertive man is all about having a good range of skills in your locker to rely on. This gives you the confidence to excel in most situations and feel good about yourself. Even if you are not an expert in all the skills you know, having them to fall back on is a great starting point. If you are looking to grow as a person this year, the five skills above are worth developing.