Shoe trends for men come and go. Keeping up with what’s new can be challenging if you aren’t constantly paying attention. But in 2023, the trends are moving a bit slower and are focused on the comfort and look of the shoes.

More shoes this year can boast of increased flexibility and better cushioning with tried designs that make them wearable. Above all, shoe trends in 2023 are stylish enough to complement and complete different looks. 

So, whether you’re looking to add more style to your wardrobe or freshen up your looks, it’s vital to understand the biggest shoe trends of 2023. To point you in the right direction, below are the trendiest men’s shoes that every man should consider adding to their wardrobe. 

1. Boots

cowboy boots

Boots are classic footwear that typically offers both style and function. These shoes also guarantee comfort and versatility when it comes to styling. But before getting a pair of boots, it needs to be of high quality. 

If you want something fashionable and functional, mens cowboy boots will be perfect. This boot can withstand different activities, making it ideal for highly active men. But if you’re going for an edgier aesthetic, consider going for ankle-high leather boots.

In terms of materials, a leather boot might be a great option. Leather tends to age beautifully and is very durable. Therefore, you can rest assured that your leather boot will last years. 

2. Loafers


How cool are these shoes?

Loafers used to be overlooked, but they have taken over the market in recent years. These shoes offer comfort, are easy to style, and can come in various designs. Loafers available in the market today have evolved, with most getting a breath of new life. These loafers offer versatility and style to any look you choose to put together. 

Timeless silhouettes, lightweight soles, and vibrant colors have made modern loafers trendy. Consider getting all-season loafers for a pair that’ll last through the seasons. These loafers can be worn with denim, cotton pants, and trousers. They are also perfect for casual and semi-formal occasions, making them a great investment. 

3. Brogues


For formal events, brogues are the perfect option. This shoe adds interest and excitement to different outfits as it’s stylish. Although traditionally, brogues were only available in a brown leather design, the current trend includes numerous colors, styles, and materials. 

Although brogues were traditionally worn with formal outfits such as slacks and business casual wear, newer types of brogues are versatile enough to be worn with denim or blue jeans. When getting brogues, keep in mind that the more ‘broguing’ or hole patterns it has, the less formal it is. 

4. Chunky Soles

Chunky soles are back in fashion, with more shoes spotting them. If chunky soles make you think of women’s fashion, you’ll be pleased to know that more men’s shoes have low heels. This is true for most formal shoes but can also be seen in casual footwear. 

The chunky sole’s popularity came from the aesthetics it gives. This type of sole adds an elegant touch and makes a man slightly taller. Apart from the look, chunky soles are more durable and add an extra layer of protection that makes the sole last longer. 

5. Black Shoes

Black shoes offer more versatility when matching and styling them. This color is a classic and dressier option, which means they can go well with any outfit. The black shoe offers a neat and tidier look, making them suitable for any occasion and appointment. This makes it a worthy investment that you can enjoy for a long time. 

6. Casual Sneakers

Sneakers have been in trend for several years. This shoe is a must-have thanks to its versatility. With casual sneakers, you can go for a grocery run, meet with friends, or even join a small hiking tour. The advantage of sneakers is the variety of styles to choose from that are quite affordable. 

Whether you love classic white sneakers or are looking for bold, funky, or subtle colors, sneakers have everything to fit your taste. Sneaker designs have evolved to variations that can fit formal and semi-formal occasions. This means you don’t have a reason not to have at least one pair of sneakers in your wardrobe. 

7. Slip-Ons

Perhaps one of the best casual shoes, slip-ons are currently popular. Slip-on offers versatility and is very breathable. They are better paired with casual outfits, whether denim jeans or cotton pants. 

Before, slip-ons were only available in neutral shades, including whites, blacks, or greys. However, slip-ons can be found in bolder shades, with neon being more noticeable. Men who choose slip-ons are sure to steal the limelight.  

8. Deck Shoes

After undergoing reinvention, deck shoes have made a great comeback. The new deck shoe design offers practicality and durability and can withstand a lot of extraneous activities. This design includes new soles and fabrications with the original silhouette. 

The reinvented deck shoes are made of quality leather, making them comfortable and stylish. They also come in a wide range of colors, so you can easily experiment with them. The advantage of deck shoes is that with regular wear, the shoes get better. The exposure to elements makes deck shoes much softer, which leads them to conform to your foot shape. 

Apart from the design, deck shoes are durable, making them a popular option. These shoes also offer a firm grip on slippery surfaces. You can also wash these shoes without the fear of ruining them, as they are made of pure leather. And since deck shoes are designed to allow air, you can wear your shoes without socks. 

9. Espadrilles

Saint Laurent Canvas Espadrilles

Saint Laurent Canvas Espadrilles

Espadrilles are the perfect pair of shoes if you’re aiming to spruce up your monotonous shoe collection. This shoe is a popular option thanks to its breathability and comfort. With espadrilles, you can choose between bold colors or neutral options that suit your preference. 

Bottom Line

Shoe trends are constantly changing. Every year, new trends emerge that every man should be acquainted with. So, when choosing shoe trends, consider choosing options that fit your style and match your wardrobe. Remember to consider the quality and only invest in shoes that’ll last long.