Time to Revise Your College Outlooks!

Though we’ve spent the whole year in four walls, it doesn’t mean Vogue has given up. Fashion houses staged enough defiles and featured enough stylish pictures of their pages for us to separate the fading, the trending, and the constant.

And rushing ahead, you’re going to favour the perfect old-new, relaxed, optimistic fusion. On the one hand, they tune with our current pace of living, bringing more warmth and cosiness to our busy days; on the other, bright tones switch our attention to the sun rising in the future.

Though this article goes on about men’s trends, the 21st century moves towards an utter gender unification. That means every person will find this article useful.

Less Acute, More Freedom

Succeeding the past year’s tunes (or, to be fair, the 80’s legacy), we let oversize coats and T-shirts remain on our shelves. They finish their transformation from the eagle wingspan to a modest form. Now, jackets don’t hide the second layer but highlight it and give space for more creativity as we do in writing service www.buyessayfriend.com that gives students freedom and space for creative expression.

Fanfreakz ovesized coat

Welcome Again, Colours!

Blue, pink, green, yellow and their hues must be the leading colours on people’s bodies. Modern black is less popular, though not banished. Don’t shy away from injecting a flower flavour into your clothes.

It would be a good idea to dress up in one colour. Cheers to those of you who catch the vibes of the Grand Budapest Hotel movie palette.

wear yellow

NO! Bare Ankles

Maybe this shouldn’t sound too threatening for the dreadfully hot summertime, but hide your legs when you feel them freezing. Set up a farewell ceremony for cuffs on your denim and unfold them down to the full length. But if you just can’t betray rolls, at least prepare a pair of long socks for cold seasons.

By the way, farewell your slim pants as well. Nothing personal, but loose legs rule the party. Maybe you’ll meet your skinny friends someday in the future…

Pockets Everywhere (Even On Pants)

Neck phone cases and pouch bags may seem a bit outdated for you, but hold on! It’s better than carrying everything in your hands or a deep half-empty backpack. Professionally designed, they match the look and give you the flexibility of moves.

Another option is pants with plenty of capacious pockets down the length. Something you didn’t expect to meet in the 2021 list, but it’s there, and it’s going to be fancy for years ahead.

pants with pockets men

Geometry Dash

Checked shirts, a striped office costume, and a naval seaman’s T-shirt—it all returns followed by cheerful sounds of fanfares. A vertical stripe with wider and slimmer lines is an interesting yet formal-tasting choice. A hand-knit sweater with pixelated or in any way asymmetric shapes depicted on it is the bread and butter of the upcoming autumn.

Geometry is the option if you’re tired of monochromatic fibres. It can decorate your tight-woven coat and texture dense corduroy pants. Don’t be shy to experiment with crazy colours!

General Trend: Stick to Slouchy

Lockdowns naturally changed our clothing preferences, and fashion industries could not just ignore them. Expect most of your social circle wearing outdoor slips, hoodies, unpretentious short-sleeves, and thin accessories of pretty loungewear to write a response paper assignment.

Your comfort and good emotional state are in the first place. Modern fashion is intended to convey peace and opportunity through the tactile and visual qualities of fibres it promotes. The borderline between an appropriate academic and a house style gets wiped almost entirely. But don’t go to college in your sleepy pyjamas!