Pearls – Why Are Men Wearing Pearls Whilst Travelling

Pearls – Why Are Men Wearing Pearls Whilst Travelling

We are in Asia and have noticed a traveling trend for men. It’s not the first time we have seen pearls worn by the everyday generation Z traveler. Why are young guys ditching the traditional wooden chain necklace and wearing freshwater pearls whilst traveling South East Asia?

Whilst in the picturesque historical town called Hoi An here in Vietnam, having a delicious coffee. I noticed yet another guy wearing a freshwater pearl necklace.

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I asked why he chose to. Before we move on I asked what his profession was. A doctor for children.

Pearls - Why Are Men Wearing Pearls Whilst Travelling

Why Wear Pearls

His response was confident and quick in his thick Canadian accent. he said this is the biggest next trend for men. Women can wear it, so why can’t we men? This natural pearl is easy to travel with, feels good on the skin, and is not seen on men often if at all. It looks fabulous teamed with a t-shirt exposing the skin and pearl combined.

It’s a real attention-seeking grabber.

On this occasion a classic white t-shirt was worn with it, combined with a cap from way back in 1996.

Pearls - Why Are Men Wearing Pearls Whilst Travelling

Can Men Wear Nail Polish?

Adding to the non-stereotypical cliche of can men wear nail varnish. A colorful array of varnish was also on his well-manicured nails. Not afraid to capture and trend once again we normally associate with women. As a doctor, his profession is very limited to fashion and due to hygiene and safety, no jewelry let alone nail polish can ever be worn in the medical surgery room. Hence the reason for this attire whilst traveling.

Why Wear Pearls For Travel

Wearing pearls in humidity is nicer on the skin as opposed to plastic. This natural fiber is also relaxing and looks wonderful in the tropics. It is robust therefore one can sleep in it, shower in it and swim all day long in pearls,

TEVA Hiking Sandals

TEVA sandals are the preferred go-to travel shoe when visiting South East Asia. The multi-color TEVA is very popular here, a reminder of the 1990s vibe for gen Z. These colors go well with blue shorts and anything bright. The TEVA shower is waterproof and great for hiking on rocks when going for a rock dip. Make sure you invest in a pedicure here in Asia, women don’t like to feel sandpaper feet during sex. If you dare opt for the latest fluorescent nait art with your TEVAs. I teamed them with my bespoke embroidery denim jeans.

Vietnam Hoi An - Embroidery Trends For Travel Gracie Opulanza (10)


If pearls are your thing, opt for the highest quality you can find. If a necklace is too much, go for an ankle pearl or a brooch. In 2023, freshwater pearls are a must and to begin with go into your grandma’s closet and try before you buy or borrow. You could also team your pearl with white converse, give it a different energy and streetstyle.

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