5 Sophisticated Suits for Any Cocktail Party

5 Sophisticated Suits for Any Cocktail Party

Nothing makes a man sharper than dressing his best no matter the occasion. Whether he’s at a business meeting or a formal gathering, his attire always makes a statement about his personality. Cocktail parties are a great way for him to showcase his unique style through his formal wear, although some may find it difficult to find the right suit for their own personal taste. It isn’t too hard to locate savvy suits and designer dresses online if you search in the right stores, but if you don’t have the time we have some fantastic suggestions for you to consider.

Ralph Lauren Grey and Blue Plaid Suit

Sophisticated and simple, you’ll be the main conversation of the party when you adorn this suit by Ralph Lauren. Dark blue pieces are a wise decision for casual or semi-formal gatherings since they tend to make the mood lighter as opposed to wearing a black suit. The white and blue striped tie pulls the outfit together to create a practical and masculine look.


Tommy Hilfiger Solid Tan Suit

If standing apart is your goal, you will achieve that with this classy suit. The bold, scarlet tie paired with the light beige color of the jacket and pants blend harmoniously to present a casual yet daring appearance. Statement ties are important if you desire to be recognized in a crowd and the possibilities of patterns and colors are endless. Just about any tie will work well with this particular suit, giving you easy customization to suit your tastes. This particular outfit is the perfect Spring fashion for the early months of the year.


Calvin Klein Charcoal Grey Suit

Calvin Klein is one of the most easily noticeable brands in the fashion industry for its high quality products and polished pieces. You will absolutely be an individual in one of their outfits. This fitted charcoal suit is perfect for cocktail parties and other various formal occasions.


J. Crew Ludlow Shawl-Collar Tuxedo

Another reputable brand with great quality attire, this navy blue tuxedo jacket will absolutely show your gallant personality. Sold separately from it’s matching trousers, this jacket has one button closure stitched together in luxurious Italian wool which is certain to appeal to those with refined tastes. As with some of J. Crew’s products, you have the ability to add a monogram onto the jacket for an additional cost, an interesting way to personalize your suit.


Perry Ellis Charcoal Pindot Suit

A classic suit for a man with nothing but class. This Perry Ellis designed suit is not only fancy, it’s comfortable as well with side vents, two-button closure and front flap pockets. Accompanied with a pair of oxfords and you’ll be the main event at any cocktail party.


These fashionable suits will guarantee to make any gentleman appear elegant and posh. They allow you to add your own touch of style such as a unique tie or your favorite shoes to complete your dashing look. While certain brands provide different materials, they still deliver superior quality, therefore there’s no need to show up to a cocktail party in a t-shirt and jeans when you can wear one of these refined suits.

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