Fashion is by choice. You can look your best, no matter the cost of the clothes you wear. You can get an incredible look with roadside clothes too. But what also matters is the quality and durability of the clothes. Clothes that are from reliable brands, will have a finishing that makes them look premium.

You can also get stylish clothes for cheap by using online wadav coupons codes. You can find coupons on brands like Marks and Spencers which is only one of the coolest fashion brands out there. And if you are just looking for basic white tees and black denim, you can get it from literally anywhere.

Did you know that just throwing on even the basics and including a few style hacks can instantly elevate your look? In this article, we are going to just discuss how you can do that.

 Here are our hacks that you can incorporate to enhance your look!. 

1. Tuck your shirt in

This will give a more professional look to your outfit. Even if you are going out for a casual hangout, you can grab attention and also stand out among the crowd without having to do anything.

Other than that, tucking in your shirt also makes up for any distress on the hem of the shirt or the shirt, saggy hems and incorrect length. You wouldn’t know but it will also make you look better. 

You can tuck in literally anything, right from polos, to shirt or full sleeve t-shirts. Try it out and see the difference.

2. It’s all about accessorising

 Throwing in some jewellery will make you look super expensive. The way you can do this is by keeping it minimal and subtle. For example, put on a gold or silver chain on a black T-shirt, or a ring. You can do both too.

You can also accessories yourself with a belt and this classic accessory will add a touch of premium look to your outfit.

With great accessories, your look can really get elevated, irrespective of whether you are wearing clothes from Zara, or a local shop! 

3. Boots game

See, the shoes that you wear make all the difference. Whether it is for a party or for an interview, they can hold your entire look together.

So never compromise on that. Leather shoes would work great with any outfit for you. You have a range of options to choose from including ankle boots, Chelsea boots, oxford boots, brogue boots and so on.

Ted Baker Trallic Leather Chelsea Boots

Ted Baker Trallic Leather Chelsea Boots

Some which work great on casual outfits other than the leather footwear are the classic canvas shoes. But you can add a touch of fun to it by getting a pair with golden soul, or contrast laces. There’s so much that you can try.

Many times, the colour present on the shoes in little amounts can also match with an element in the rest of the outfit thereby creating a coordinated look. Such looks look thoughtful, well balanced and will eventually let you have a great impression wherever you need to attend. 

4. Did you check those socks?

Oh! If it was not just for the boots, the socks you wear are equally important too. First of all, stay out of the no-sock game. Nobody likes to see others’ disgusting ankles. But you would be surprised with how much experiment you can do with simply your socks to create cooler looks.

sock shoe men

The socks are like a transition between your legs and your feet. These can be of the same colour or something entirely different and funky. Ever saw socks with bright green Avocados printed on them? These can also be teamed up with shorts, jeans and more types of trousers. 

Increase the gap between your pants and the shoe. Give the world a glimpse of your clean and awesome socks. This little pair can be your confidence booster which you didn’t know of.

5. Roll up your sleeves

There’s no hard rule that you should, but it has its own advantages after, reading which, you might never pull down. See, many times shirts that don’t fit perfectly have equally loose sleeves that you can not make up with. By rolling your sleeves up, you can hide the excess fabric that shouldn’t be there. You can use this trick until you get your shirt perfectly tailored for your size. We already know that our clothes should fit us, right? 

6. Set your hair

Investing in an expensive parlour is not always the option. As with online hair tips, which are pretty much unlimited, you would get to find loads of hairstyle inspiration. But what is also important is what works for your hair. Different treatments will suit different textures. And if you are fascinated by one particular style, simply show that photo to your hairstylist and get one.

Taking care of your hair will go a long way with you. Avoid treatments that are harmful to your hair. Usually smoothening, although very popular, may have a drying effect on hair. Similarly, going light from dark can have a similar effect. Instead, you can go for a keratin treatment if you need a neater look.

No matter what colour, texture, matching it to your face shape will eventually decide how great your hairstyle looks. 

7. Shave to perfection

Beard can look messy when not taken good care of. Use a good trimmer that can clean up the messy hair and give you a chic look. Consult your barber to find out which beard style will suit best to your face. Going for a faded look, a full beard, or a long one, make sure it is properly trimmed and maintained.

electric shaver for men

8. Take care of your skin

Probably one of the most widely ignored routines of a man is that of skincare. Simply moisturising your skin with a good moisturiser will make up for the dry regions leaving your skin look healthier. You can also use products that suit your skin.

Nourished And Healthy Skin

Come up with a routine of products and items that work for your skin. Clear skin will turn out to look great in photos too! 

Need to get to a party and don’t have a lot of time to get ready? Try out the hacks mentioned above and you will thank us later.