5 Spring Trends You’ll Love

5 Spring Trends You’ll Love

The sun seems to be hiding right now, but soon the clouds will part and the flowers will bloom and it’ll be time to embrace the warm, spring breeze. Clear your schedule and check out some of these spring trends to spice up your routine.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

The games are back this summer, and four sports are making their Olympic Games debut. Surfing, sport climbing, karate, and skateboarding will appear for the first time ever and baseball and softball are returning to the games for the first time since 2008. Not only are more sports joining the mix, but there will be nine new mixed-gender events with men and women competing together in sailing, table tennis, swimming, track relays and more. Icons like Allyson Felix and Simone Biles will be back on your radar. And you don’t have to break the bank to get some great athletic gear like your favorite stars: for that, there are always valuable Adidas promo codes available.

5 Spring Trends You’ll Love

Rock the Vote

There is a presidential election happening in 2020 and there is a chance to be a part of history. We have the freedom to choose our leaders and create real change on the issues we care about. Right now, the voting public is the largest and most diverse generation in American history. Showing up to the polls is crucial if progress is to be made, and an “I voted” sticker is always trendy to wear to work.


The 90s Have Risen Again

The 90s are back and getting everyone ready to chill. Not only are fashion designers going back to the days of chokers, chunky shoes, and tube tops, but the easy-going way of low-tech living seems to be catching everyone’s attention with the emergence of disposable cameras. The devices are nostalgic to younger generations and those who grew up with the task of waiting to see how good a party actually was, the flashback to the past is a nice reminder of how cool they once were. Companies such as Fujifilm and Kodak are creating their own programs for recycling the throwback trend.

5 Spring Trends You’ll Love

Putting Down The Screen

Another trend that is back to simpler times is curbing the effects of everyday screen time. More and more people seem to be spending their days in front of a screen wearing their blue-light glasses to combat the constant eye-strain and potentially harmful light emitted from their daily routine and work. To get away from this daily grind, digital detox retreats are on the agenda. Travelers are flying to off-the-grid locations that don’t have WiFi or even staying at resorts that have you give up your smartphone. Now, this trend may be a bit extreme, so maybe just limiting your social media time will be a nice way to reduce your screen-time in 2020.


Embracing Earthy Tones

A fashion trend that is quite the opposite of most 2020 trends is dialing it down and embracing natural, muted colors. Pairing a camel-colored trench coat with any outfit adds distinction and class to any occasion. Earthy tones have been walking the runway this spring, and the calming neutral trend is said to go off the runway into the home for those who are decorating their living spaces.

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