Don’t Look Boring! – Layer It Up With A Blazer

Don’t Look Boring! – Layer It Up With A Blazer

T-shirts teamed up with a pair of raw jeans and sneakers are great for a laidback look, but it’s often too boring if not predictable. So does a dress-shirt and trouser and suits are often ‘too dressy’ for your everyday use.

Consider layering to spruce up you look. Now, layering your clothing add both style and comfortability to your casual and formal wear. Blazer is the first thing that comes into my mind when talking about men’s layered outfit. A good blazer adds an interesting element to almost any ensemble. It is an essential piece for men’s wardrobe; unlike those ‘too dressy’ tuxedos or 3-piece suits which often get transferred to the back of your closet, blazers can be worn with your everyday attire.

Here are a few ways to layer up your attire with blazers.

Wear Blazer with Jeans

Wear this for a classic ‘business-casual’ look. However, it is important to understand that wearing blazers and jeans is much different than teaming it up with a sports jacket.

Blazers with jeans look versatile. Team it up with a T-shirt for a casual, laidback look or wear it with a dress shirt for a business-casual look. However, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind while wearing blazers with jeans.

  • Soft Shoulders:  Keep your squared-off blazers for formal occasions and business meetings. Something with an un-padded, natural shape is what you need to wear with your favourite jeans. But the seam should hit exactly at the tip of your shoulder.

Remember that soft and unstructured shoulder doesn’t mean you can compromise with the fit. In fact, quite the opposite as you just cannot let the extra fabric in your shoulder bag out because of lack of padding. It should be neither too baggy nor too tight.

  • Close Fit: Continuing our discussion regarding the fit of a blazer, you would like to avoid flapping fabric if you’re wearing the jacket open. It is particularly important to have a close fit in the chest and around the hips too. The classic, Italian-style hourglass fit is what you need. This is where tailored blazers come in.

Tailored blazers are timeless and versatile and you can pair them with almost anything including your rugged jeans. Unfortunately tailored blazers are often expensive, making them out of reach for average buyers.

But the good news is there are online retailers offering tailored pieces at affordable rates. OWNONLY, for example, offers a wide array of completely customizable suits and blazers for men. You can tailor-made your blazers without breaking your bank or compromising on the quality of the fabric and finish. The company’s team of designers can even handle the printing and pattern making according to your particular measurements.

  • Two-Button, Single-Breasted Blazers: With jeans, you are more likely to wear your jacket open. You should therefore avoid double-breasted variety as it is too formal to team up with blue jeans. Also, avoid three-button styles as they look more like a suit jacket. Worst still, they flap and billow if left unbuttoned.
  • Simple Fabric: A flannel or durable worsted is just fine when pairing the blazer with denim instead of wearing something made of superfine wool.

Remember that blazer and jeans is a dressed-down look and you can pair it with a dress shirt and leather shoes or with a dark turtleneck or slim-fit T-shirt and canvas sneakers. You can even add a necktie or tie for a preppy look but steer clear of anything that is conservative business wear.

  • Blazer with Tan Khakis/Black Slacks

This is a tricky combination to pull off. Almost all the elements mentioned earlier are same; however, you can wear a padded-shoulder, tweed blazer here. Remember this is a casual look so you need to contrast your clothes instead of wearing entirely matching pieces.

A navy blazer with a crisp white dress shirt, tan khakis and Oxford leathers will look just as fine. Alternatively, you can combine a tweed blazer with black slacks, blue shirt, and patent leather shoes.

Blazer for a Black Tie Event

If you are not already aware of it, blazer has been accepted by fashion forward celebrities as a black tie choice. And this is one style you can pull off with confidence. Invest in a blazer made of superfine wool or a quality tweed blazer and pair it with black slacks, a crisp white dress shirt, black formal shoes, and a black self-tied bow tie for a high class, modern look.

Remember it is not acceptable for traditional black tie events, although this look works fine for a semi-formal night.

A Final Word

Wear it with a sweater and button-up shirt or with your sleeves rolled up, blazers need some forethought and proper outfit planning. But if worn correctly, blazer is your perfect layering partner. So go on and experiment with it until you find a look that’s all your own!

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