A common misconception about accessories is that they are only meant to be used by women. Though accessories in stores are typically geared toward feminine fashion, masculine versions of these items are readily available and easy to style and pair with whatever you’re wearing. From watches to cuff links, accessories provide you with a great opportunity to convey your sense of self. For dudes who want to accessorize but do not know how a few simple tips exist to set you on the right path. Once you understand how to incorporate select accessories into your everyday wardrobe you can mix and match with ease.

Combine Fitness With Style

Watches are one of the most versatile accessories available for men. Whether you want to rock a stylish watch around the office or you choose a watch that doubles as a fitness tracker, these accessories are easy to pair with different outfits. For men who stick to a regimented fitness routine, the WHOOP vs Apple Watch debate is longstanding. Both watches double as fitness trackers and help you achieve a better workout thanks to their heart rate monitor features and their ability to monitor your respiratory rate. Another bonus for these watches is their stylish and customizable appearance. The WHOOP strap is available in several different colors and styles, as is the Apple Watch strap and interface. Choose a watch that best suits your personal style and use it as the main accessory to build your outfit around each day.

Put your best beard forward

Beards have become increasingly trendy over the last several years. If you have a beard, then you understand the maintenance and upkeep accompanying this type of facial hair. From beard oil to balm, different men prefer different products depending on the length and texture of their beard hair. To continue your beard grooming in a more fashionable way, consider buying a heated beard comb to really step up your game. A heated beard comb helps you groom more effectively and it doubles as a stylish accessory you to keep on hand throughout the day. Simply slip the beard comb into your pocket and pull it out periodically to brush through your facial hair and look cool while you do it.

Customize Your Cuff Links


For men who work in an office, cuff links are an adaptable accessory. Cuff links are available in a variety of colors and styles ranging from gold to silver to chrome and everything in between. Select a pair of cuff links featuring the logo for your favorite sports team or choose a pair with your initials engraved on them. The possibilities are endless; cuff links are a quick and easy way to accessorize any suit you have in your arsenal. Keep a few pairs on hand to create some variety and mix and match your cuff links with different suits to create even more style and personality.

Bracelets Are Your New Best Friend

When you hear the term “bracelet” you typically conjure images of diamonds and sparkles and dainty wrist accessories for women. However, a plethora of stylish and practical bracelets exist for men as well. Leather bracelets are a statement accessory because they convey a sense of masculinity while amplifying the overall appearance of your outfit. Whether you are dressed up for work or dressed down for a weekend of fun with your pals, these bracelets elevate your style. Paracord bracelets are available as well and many of these double as helpful tools. Paracord bracelets can be unfurled and used as a splint, tourniquet, or to help mend fabric.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to accessorize. Hats, ties, and brief cases (or satchels) are other easy options you may already have and can easily be upgraded. The most important part of accessorizing is having fun with it.