Who said anything about avid travellers being careless about their looks? They might be travel fanatics and keep it as their first most priority, but they certainly want to look good while they continue their journey. Are you travelling or planning to travel in the coming time?

If you are looking forward to heading for a vacation to you already are a passionate traveller, you can use up the functionally practical tips to staying handsome while you travel the world.

Cleanse, Scrub And Moisturize

These three steps if followed religiously can give you a glowing skin effortlessly. There’s nothing much that you have to do here because you get the entire set of these three practices available in the market. All you get to do is cleanse your skin of all the dirt/dust that is accumulated while you are on your feet, scrub open the pores of the skin too for deeper cleaning and finally moisturize to close the pores leading to supple skin. Doing the entire procedure at least twice a week would give you smooth and glowing skin for travelling in style. Just make sure you avoid the grooming mistake and do not take it too hard on your skin. It will lead to rashes and cuts on your face.

facescrub for men exfoliators


Shave Every Possible

By shaving, some men have this restricted knowledge of shaving their face. However, when it comes to being clean and flaunting yourself, you need to think about shaving your chest, armpits, bikini line and the other body parts. It is not about how manly you look with all that hair on your body, but it certainly makes you look unhygienic and smelly while you do a lot of traveling (walking, hiking, etc,). Hence, shave off the forest and let the handsome you come out.

man shaving wet with cream

Invest In A Good SPF Creme

Travelling certainly means that you’ll be out in the sun for hours, no matter how you are travelling. As a result, the sun will attack you and your skin quite drastically, which can give you tan, sunburns, and rashes as well. When you want to look handsome, all these things must not come in between you and your personality. Hence, invest in a good sunscreen lotion/creme with an SPF 50 or above to match the conditions outside. It acts as a protective shield on your skin and also gives you a fairer appeal. Some of them also have foundation properties to blend in with your skin colour, which is a good choice to have.

man applying sunscreen


Don’t Hide Your Greys

If you are greying in the most pleasing way, you needn’t hide it by colouring it. Let your grey be your personality and that too a pleasing one while you look dapper while travelling. If you see actors like George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Patrick Dempsey and other love to flaunt their natural grey hair. You too can show off those locks by getting the right haircut that complements your face cut and the personality.

man rocking a great grey hairstyle

Smell Nice

When you travel a lot, there are chances that you have body odour issues. The concept is simple and it goes like – walking/travelling leads to sweating which makes you smell bad. Hence, it would great if you would pick a cologne that is neither too light nor too strong and stays on for the entire day.

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