The increasingly fast pace of the urban environment has influenced they way professionals buy and wear their work bags. Faced with heavy load and daily commuting, they started to prefer more and more highly functional bags, especially backpacks, which prioritise support and comfort.

A year ago, Mattis and Niklas Oppermann (co-founders of accessories brand Carl Friedrik) were in the process of designing their new collection, when they realised that it wasn’t easy at all for modern professionals to find a high quality backpack that combined functionality with elegant aesthetics. Most of men’s backpacks were to be either too casual, too technical, or too extravagant. So they designed Collection 3 to offer a new solution.

Their resulting Collection 3 combines the refined craftsmanship from the brand’s leather goods, with a new functional dimension inspired by elements from performance accessories.

“The features and add-ons we are introducing work together to create elegant products that will make life on the move effortless. For the new designs, we developed a power bank that integrates neatly with every product in the collection. In addition, the products feature trolley straps, several internal, external pockets and other practical add-ons that improve the carrying experience. “ Niklas Oppermann

Material selection represented another important aspect in the design process. For the first time, Carl Friedrik is working with a main material other than leather; an Italian nylon canvas made with recycled fibres. Mattis explains why the heavy canvas was the right choice.

“This fabric is often used for protective wear and industrial applications and by combining it, with our smooth Vachetta leather and somewhat brutalist titanium zippers we were able to create a natural understated elegance.

Produced in Portugal, with Italian-made nylon canvas and leather, and covered by lifetime warranty, Collection 3 consists of: