Men’s Shaving – Get it Done Properly for Movember

Men’s Shaving – Get it Done Properly for Movember

Men's Shaving for Movember

Men’s Shaving – Get it Done Properly for Movember

Since its humble beginnings as a brothers’ charity fundraiser in Australia, Movember has grown to become one of the largest events worldwide for men’s health charities. In case you didn’t know, the idea is that men don’t shave their moustaches from 1st – 30th November in order to raise awareness and funds for charities such as Prostate Cancer UK and – of course – Movember, which is a charity in its own right.

Millions take part across the planet, with an online competition giving people awards for the best shaped, styled and groomed ‘mo’.

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Movember Men's Shaving

Men’s Shaving and the Grooming Parlour

The process took about half an hour, and although this may not be possible for every man in the morning, if you’re serious about looking good, want to impress the ladies – or the men – and want to be known for the best moustache of 2014 among your colleagues, friends and family, make sure you stay in tip-top shape by getting a good trim.

Getting ready for a men's shave

Leave Male Grooming for the Experts

You wouldn’t cut your own hair.. well, some of you may, but for the most of us, leaving it to the professionals is standard; so why try to hack away at your beard with your own razor in a rush 10 minutes before you leave in the morning? Having watched the process myself, I’ve realised that getting your mo and beard shaved professionally is not just something you do because you have to.. it’s a grooming experience, the man’s version of a pampering session.

Looking after yourself is not a feminine thing to do – especially when it’s your beard. The process begins with the pre-shave oils and shaving cream, which is lavishly brushed on and massaged in before the cut begins. The blades then come out, as the stylist glides across your skin, getting even the finest hairs in the first strike – forget those pesky under-nose or side-of-mouth few that you miss every now and then – they’re gone.

Throughout, more shaving cream and oils are rubbed in, warm cloths applied to relax your muscles and open up your hair follicles. I must say, it leaves your skin silky smooth afterwards.

Warm Cloths for Men's Shaving

Show off your Manhood in Shaving

Then comes the manly bit; after it’s all washed away, and you’re feeling comfortably relaxed, out comes the cologne, which is slapped on, giving you the chance to show your manhood and withstand the pain. Once it’s settled in, you’ve been brushed down and you’ve seen yourself in the mirror, you’re free to go.

Finishing up with the Men's Shave

The process is that simple – and although it takes a bit of time, get one once a week for the month of Movember. After all, when was the last time you spoiled yourself? Protection Status

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