5 Ways Education Can Improve Confidence in Men

5 Ways Education Can Improve Confidence in Men

If you’ve decided to go back into education, taking the plunge and signing up to a course can be a daunting prospect, however, over time you will notice a wide range of health benefits that can help you retain a positive mindset.

If you are lacking in confidence, the chances are you aren’t performing at your full potential. While men are portrayed to be confident and assertive individuals, that’s not to say all men are the same. Confident people tend to be highly successful both in their personal lives and professional endeavours. If you’re looking at ways to boost your self-esteem, education and online learning can be a great platform to do this. With that in mind, here are 5 ways in which education can improve confidence in men.


If you’re afraid of public speaking, you’re not alone. Known as a very common phobia, you may be surprised to learn that it can affect up to 75% of the population. While the thought of presenting ideas to your peers may be daunting at first, as time goes on, you will soon develop your communication skills. Whether you’re studying in a classroom or online, you may have to speak in front of others as part of an assignment or to get your point across, so the more experience you have of public speaking under your belt, the more confident you will feel over time. What’s more, the confidence you have built up throughout your course can be transferred into other areas of your life, such as the workplace.

Meeting Challenges

There’s no point beating around the bush, studying in any capacity requires hard work and commitment, so if you’ve decided to go part-time or study online, this can be an additional challenge to face. However, once you become used to fitting assignment deadlines around your work and family commitments, you will find that challenging tasks and projects in the workplace won’t seem as daunting. Throughout your course, you will gain a range of transferable study skills that you can implement into your professional endeavours, such as time-keeping, problem-solving, and organization skills that can help you manage your time more effectively and help you work better under pressure.

Decision Making

We all have to make decisions in life. Some of them will be the right choice, whereas others may not be, however, life is a learning curve full of surprises, so in order to make the best decisions, it’s important that you have the right data and knowledge behind you. For instance, if you are studying for a business qualification, you will have all the right skills and techniques in place to make better and informed decisions on areas like business strategy, and project management.

Receiving Feedback

Whether it’s a project you’ve worked on at work or as part of your course, no one likes to hear negative criticism or comments, however, how you deal with it is important. Receiving regular feedback from your tutors is a key component of studying for a degree, and while you may not be too pleased with what your tutors have to say, knowing how to deal with constructive criticism can be hugely beneficial, especially when it comes to finding employment. When going into the working world, you may find a lot of doors shut in your face before one opens, so remaining optimistic and being realistic are important traits to possess.


Completing a degree is no small feat. Many students spend years and years putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their studies, so it’s only natural that graduates should feel proud of their accomplishments and achievements. If you’ve worked hard and got the grades you want, you should notice a huge increase in your self-confidence, helping to boost your self-esteem and give you a positive and optimistic outlook on the future. Whether you plan to apply for a new role, or even start your own business, having the confidence and drive to succeed can make all the difference.

Finding the Right Course

Now you have an idea of all the benefits that education can bring to your mental health, it’s important that you find a course that’s right for you. No matter what sort of profession you would like to go into, there are tons of courses that span a wide range of subjects. For example, you may want to study online at an institution like Baylor University, where you can complete an BSN degree online that can teach you a wide range of transferable skills that you can implement into the workplace.

Ask for Help

A degree will take time and patience to complete successfully, so it’s likely that you will experience obstacles and challenges along the way. If you’re struggling with your course and need some help and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your tutor. They are there for a reason, so getting support from your tutor can make a big difference and help you achieve the grades you want. If you are studying in person, you should schedule a meeting with your tutor who can address your worries and concerns. For those who study online, many establishments provide a range of ways to get in touch, such as by phone, email, and even live chat. If you are afraid of asking for help, you may not get the grades you envisaged, so there’s no shame in reaching out for some guidance.

Whether you’ve enrolled at a brick and mortar education facility, or you have picked an online course, there are all sorts of health benefits that you can receive from going back into education. Boosting your self-esteem, changing the way you look at things, being able to communicate effectively with your peers, and knowing how to deal with feedback are just a few key traits that can help when it comes to finding employment.

It’s important that you select a course that you’re passionate about, and make sure to ask for help from your tutor if you’re struggling as they can provide support and guidance to ensure you get the most out of your course.

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