Clothing Colors – Successful Negotiation Tips

Clothing Colors – Successful Negotiation Tips

Colors, without a doubt, reflect the mental insight of human beings. We often wear colors based on our mood, occasion, and event. But, do you know colors put a great impact on how different people interact with us, what they talk, and how they behave,  Goethe, (1810) in his theory of colors, stated that different categories of colors have different emotional responding.

We often are pleased with vibrant colors. People wearing vibrant colors are more likely to say that I want to be recognized, and I’m free and happy, you may approach me. Colors provide you an idea of how you should talk to the one you are negotiating with.

You may not only take care of your clothing colors, but a good negotiator always has a glance at what the other person is wearing and what are the surrounding colors. They talk accordingly and often end up a meeting with successful negotiation.


The Color Psychology

Psychologists believe that color choice can not only change people’s perception about you, but it can also alter your thinking about yourself.

You should be very careful while preparing for a meeting. Along with your clothing colors, make sure the colors of the surrounding creates impact.

Let’s discuss some colors in detail.


Grey is a natural color. It promotes a feeling of stability and success. Also, it evokes practicality and shows that you are cautious about something. However, its excessive use can create a depressive environment and signals isolation.



Blue represents loyalty and trust. Most experts suggest wearing blue in an interview or a business meeting. It not only exerts the feeling of loyalty but also highlights the sense of creativity and being productive.



Black is a color that represents power and authority. It might suit you if you are the one who is being asked for negotiation. It also builds a sense of luxury and sophistication. However, the whole sole black can create a depressive and unpleasant environment.



Brown impacts a lot. Where it reminds people of old age and dirt, but it also creates a sense of honesty and orderliness. It also reflects that you might be a good team player.



White tends to portray the cleanliness and hygienic part of someone. It gives a feeling that a person may be open-minded, optimistic, and well-balanced in life. Excess white can portray the sense of depression and imperfection to some extent.

I remember when I was working with essay service we surveyed how colors reflect your personality and mentality.

We surveyed over 100 Psychologists and Counselors and got the following results,


Your Outfit Actually Speaks

Mrs. Fleming Havey, Psychologist at Premium Jackets said in a seminar,

“Our recommendation system is based on a form we often asked our customers to fill. It helps us analyze their personality, and we recommend them Jackets according to their personality traits.”

She further added that,

Colors are directly related to your behavior and personality build-up. To analyze yourself, try wearing different colors and see how you behave and how others behave with you.”

We all might be practicing different colors correctly but without knowing the rightful insights. We often dress well for important meetings and avoid some colors. Of course, these colors create impact, and that’s what we have discussed. Protection Status

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