Motivation is the fuel that moves people to take action and make things happen. Without it, everyone would be struggling to move forward and deal with life’s challenges. Motivated individuals keep going until they reach their goals. They can be a source of inspiration for others to do the same, just as they were likely encouraged by the people in their support systems.

 The people closest to you have the power to push you to do great things or help you feel less afraid to take on challenges. Knowing that they believe in you can be a great source of confidence. But you don’t have to be successful to be able to encourage others to do well. If you think that the people around you could use a dose of motivation and inspiration to live their lives to the full, you help them find their inner drive with concrete actions that show your support.

Stay Motivated

The most important way to inspire and motivate people is by staying motivated and enthusiastic. Your words, actions, and behaviour matter because they tell people who you are. If you lack motivation yourself, how can you possibly impact others? That is why you should always keep the fire inside you burning. Learn different strategies that can help you overcome feelings of discouragement. When you know what approaches work, it is easier to reach your goals and influence other people.  

Offer Sincere Words of Praise or Encouragement

Words are powerful. Use them wisely to lift people up and give them the desire to keep going. Perhaps a loved one in recovery experienced a setback. If so, offer words of encouragement for sobriety to help them overcome the situation and continue moving forward. If a friend feels dispirited after a failed business, let them see how much they learned from the experience and praise their hard work.

The key is to say things that will give them a more positive perspective, especially when they feel disheartened by what’s happening in their lives. More importantly, be sincere when doing so. Sweet words are meaningless when they do not come from the heart.

Learn What Motivates Them

There is a reason behind every action. If you want to motivate others effectively, you should know the “whys” in what they do. Learn what matters to them, and you can prompt them to action. For example, if a team member is underperforming despite the high salary and company benefits, they are most likely unaffected by monetary rewards. Talk to them and find out their primary purpose for working. Maybe they crave excitement and new learnings. If that is the case, your company might offer scholarships for graduate studies or opportunities to travel abroad if they meet their work targets. 

If a friend who values greatness and excellence feels discouraged about working in an unknown company, remind them of the possibilities. You can tell them that if they manage to turn the company around, it would be a testament to their skills and abilities—a sign of true greatness. Essentially, motivating others means tapping their inner desires and drives. 

Send Inspirational Books, Videos, or Letters

Perhaps you have read a book that helped you become the positive and driven person you are now or listened to a powerful talk that changed your life for the better. If so, you may want to share the book or the link to the people you want to inspire and motivate. Try including a short note on how that particular material transformed you in specific ways. You can also quote certain passages that you believe will get their attention and prompt them to read or watch what you sent. 

Take Them for a Walk

One of the main reasons why many lose motivation is mental burnout. Staring at computer screens all day, working, and doing the same tasks over and over can make one lose focus on the end goal. So, you may be able to revive the passion and drive of the people you care about by simply taking them out for a walk in the park or similar places where they can take a break and commune with nature.

Looking at green spaces and listening to the sounds of nature offer numerous benefits[1], from improving concentration and cognitive performance to relieving stress and increasing a sense of meaning and purpose. Who knows? Maybe a short stroll in a park or botanical garden is all it takes for your friends or family to feel more motivated than before. 

Be Attentive

 Giving a motivational speech as soon as you see someone feeling down may seem like the right thing to do, but it is rarely effective. Before you can say something that moves the heart, you need to learn how to listen to what the other person is saying—through their words and actions. Try to pay attention to what is going on in their lives. What are their goals and dreams? What makes them lose energy and passion? Remember that you can only provide the appropriate motivational strategies and solutions when you truly understand the person.

Motivating others is never easy. It requires time and energy to listen attentively and discover what truly matters to them. However, the rewards are worth the trouble. Whether you are a boss edging your team to meet the company goals, a relative helping a loved one overcome a challenging time, or a friend hoping to fuel the passion of another friend, inspiring others gives your life purpose and meaning. Interestingly, the more you encourage others, the more motivated you become.