6 Amazing New Health & Beauty Technology Products 

6 Amazing New Health & Beauty Technology Products 

Beauty products in this day and age tend to incorporate a lot of technology, and we’re seeing this with augmented reality, where consumers can virtually try out different products without actually doing anything.

But besides virtual technology, there have been tremendous improvements in beauty procedures especially in areas such as skin care, and we’re going to look at 6 beauty technology products that are catching on.

Skin Smoothing Laser

This is a small, handheld device that shoots a laser beam and is particularly effective at reducing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. When used on the skin, the device delivers a laser light that penetrates the skin to the area where wrinkles form; and it stimulates the creation of new collagen fibers. The device can be used at home, and it’s small enough so you can pack it and take it with you when traveling. For the best results, daily use is recommended.

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UV Sense

This is new technology from L’Oreal and it’s a wearable stick that you can stick on you, and it’s NFC-enabled so it tells you how much you’ve been exposed to the sun, and provides a score to show whether you’re exposed to too much ultraviolet rays.  It is small, circular, and it works without a battery. You may find extra adhesives in the product packaging, and that’s because you can also stick it on your nail and it works just fine.

Hair Re-Growth Lasers

Hair regrowth is big business, and for some reason, many products in this category simply don’t work, but that’s not the case with these lasers. They deliver light energy safely underneath your scalp and target hair follicles. As this happens, hair follicles that are dying are stimulated to grow in parts of the head where the hair is thinning. Keep in mind that hair re-growth lasers only work on hair follicles that have not completely died; so if a person is completely bald, it might not work.

The Sleep Styler

Originally presented on the hit show Sharktank, the sleep styler is a unique and innovative product. If the idea of resting your head on a plastic roller doesn’t work for you, perhaps these soft rollers will do it for you. What makes it more useful is the fact that using this product reduces the amount of heat placed on your hair, so no need for those curling irons.

Skin Scanners

Plug this device into your iPhone to know your skin’s dehydration levels, but also to keep track of those fine lines. It can also show you which parts of your face are changing for the worse, and this can help with creating a skincare routine that is fitted for your skin type. A camera with 30x magnification is used in combination with sensors that look for moisture on the skin. Overall, it’s a great tool to monitor your skin.

Posture Enhancing Shirts

Are you having trouble sitting upright? If so, a posture-enhancing shirt might help you stay upright by applying some pressure to your upper body. Inner shirts are available too, and they are soft and easily nudge you into keeping the shoulders in the right position. The shirt is great for pushing your shoulders back and they relieve pressure on the upper back, which is important for preventing back pain later on.

These technologies are easy to use but always talk to a health expert before trying new health products.

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