How to Keep Your Vape Pen from Exploding

How to Keep Your Vape Pen from Exploding

Use extreme caution when handling your vape pen. Keep reading for how to keep your vape pen from exploding. Among all the 316 cases of vape pen explosions that have been reported, chances are you’ve heard about these incidents before. One quick research on “vape pens exploding” and you see how dangerous these explosions can be, but they’re also preventable.

So, why do vape pens explode? The short answer is, because of their batteries. The long answer is that, like your phone and your laptop’s batteries, these ones have lithium-ion in them. The difference is that, in vape pens, the batteries are not in a safety circuit protected environment, as they’re supposed to be. The consumer has direct contact with the battery and that’s the source of the danger.

The awareness towards this issue is growing. Amazon, for instance, banned the sale of lithium-ion batteries. But in the end, it’s still in the hands of the user to make sure they do everything they can to avoid the explosions.

Whether you vape to stay away from cigarettes or as a way of expressing yourself, what you read should not be a reason for you to stop. Instead, it should encourage you to learn how to use them safely. Read on!


Tips to Prevent Your Vape Pen from Exploding:

Follow Charging Instructions

Every vape pen comes with a guide with all the relevant information you need to know to properly use it, and our advice is that you don’t throw it away. Charging your pen seems like something you don’t have to worry too much about. If for some devices it is okay to bend the rules a bit, vape pens are definitely not one of those.

Before you start vaping, take some time to go over the instructions and make sure you follow them from the get-go. The instructions book is specific to the brand and model that you purchased. However, there are also some more general guidelines that apply to any vape pen.

Always Use the Charger That Came with the Pen

This is a tempting one. We do it with phones and laptops, so why not do it with vape pens? After all, most of them have the same charging ports as a lot of smartphones.

The vape charger was designed for the pen’s voltage rating and charging specificities. Plus, if your phone’s charger is of lower quality, it will definitely not match the standards of the pen. Mess with that, and you put yourself in a dangerous situation.

It is important to mention that this tip also applies chargers from other vaping brands. The product is the same, but different models have different needs.

A tip: always have your charger with the rest of the material that came with the pen. You can keep the box it came in and leave it there (along with the book of instructions). This way, you will avoid losing it or mistaking it for your phone’s charger.

Don’t Leave Your Pen Charging Overnight

When we say overnight, we mean anytime you know you’ll be away from it for a long period. Lithium-ion batteries can hold a very strong charge. If you leave your charging for the 7 or 8 hours that you are sleeping, there is a very high chance that it’ll overcharge, which will definitely damage it.

Your pen’s instructions say how much time you should charge it for. Be cautious not to exceed that number.

Don’t Charge It near Anything That’s Flammable

You wouldn’t do this on purpose, we know. But let’s be honest, do you pay attention to what’s around an outlet when you plug a charger in? This is something a lot of us don’t usually think about. But it applies not only to vape pens but to phones, laptops or any device that uses batteries with lithium-ion.

You can have a designated outlet in your place for this type of device. A good choice would be one that is a bit more hidden and that you don’t use that much. Make sure there are no flammable objects around it and keep it that way.

Always Charge Your Pen Through an Outlet

The charger that comes with your vaping device is specifically designed to be used on an outlet. You should never charge your pen through your laptop, TV, car or any other USB capable devices.

Sometimes you need a quick fix, but it’s not worth the risk. Wait until you have a safe, suitable place to do it.

Store Your Batteries Properly

Lithium-ion batteries were originally created to stay in enclosed, custom-made packs. That rule has already been broken, but what you can do is make sure that when you are not using the battery, you store it the right way.

Putting it uncovered in your pocket or in your bag is easier, but that is also where you put things like loose change and your keys. Contact with metallic objects is a major reason for these explosions, so avoid it as much as you can.

Custom-built packs for batteries exist for a reason, so don’t lose yours! If you have already lost your case but you haven’t bought a new one, this your cue to do it. It’s easy to find one online for a good price, so there’s no excuse.

Not having/using a cover can result in painful injuries, as it did for Garrett Preston back in 2016, when his pen exploded in his pocket. Another important tip: don’t leave them anywhere that might get too hot. That means no leaving it in the car or near a heater!

Buy a Good Quality Vape Pen

When it comes to vape pens (and batteries), there is no point in buying the cheapest one you can find. Especially when there are options with a great quality/price ratio, that reduce the chances of your batteries exploding.

Before you purchase a pen and/or a new battery, do your research. Avoid counterfeits at all costs and go for well-known names like one at 180 SmokeA good option is the Suorin Drop pen. This device is small and light, so it is perfect for busy men who are always on the go.

One of these pen’s strongest suits is its versatility. It works with high-nicotine e-liquids, as well as with freebase ones; and you can use it with both the mouth-to-long technique and the direct-to-lung one.

The Suorin Drop battery is easy to install, and the pen has a LED light that lets you know when you need to charge it, as well as when it is time to remove the plug from the outlet. Plus, we have to admit that the pen’s drop design is pretty cool. Who knows, it might turn into your newest fashion accessory!

Don’t Use the Pen for Too Long

That means not vaping for more than 5 minutes at a time. If you do it for too long, the pen starts overheating and, eventually, the heat reaches the battery. And you already know what that might cause!

If that is not convincing enough, using the pen for longer than you should is also harmful to your health. You risk inhaling more nicotine and the whole point of it being healthier than cigarettes goes out the window.

Whenever you don’t feel like stopping, remember the news articles and videos you have seen about what battery explosions have done to people. It doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore, does it?

Beware of Extreme Temperatures

Vape pen batteries should always be in a place between 50ºF and 115ºF (that is, between 10ºC and 46ºC). When it is too hot, too cold or too moist, the chances of your battery being damaged are higher. From melting to expanding, to bubbling or simply malfunctioning: the number of things that can occur in these circumstances is huge. The main point is, nothing good happens when you leave your pen in places with extreme temperatures.

This is particularly true for cheaper, lower-quality pens, which is one more reason for you to buy a good one, even if it costs you a few more dollars. If you live somewhere that typically has very high or very low temperatures, you have to be extra cautious about the weather conditions.

Safety First, Always

The thought of your vape pen exploding on your face while you’re using it – or in your pocket while you’re not – is scary. But after reading our tips, you can see how easy it is to keep that from happening. It’s all about putting your safety before anything else.

Adapt some of your vaping habits and follow the specific instructions for the vape pen you own. This way, you’ll be fine. If you still have any questions about how to correctly use and charge your vape pen and how to store your batteries, we’d be more than happy to help, so don’t hesitate to shoot us a message.

Stay safe and vape away! Protection Status

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