Beard Maintenance – How to Maintain Your Beard

Beard Maintenance – How to Maintain Your Beard

Winner of the beard competition 2012

Beard Maintenance

Beard fashion has taken a whole new level this year. Here are some simple practical tips in making sure your beard is well groomed  at all times.

What You Need To Know:

  1. Purchase a quality beard clipper with different length controls. This is your face we’re dealing with. Don’t go cheap.
  2. The cheek line, the natural edge of the beard on the cheeks, is best left natural. Unless your beard appears to be starting below your eyes, you probably are better off not shaving or sculpting the hair on your cheeks.
  3. As your beard grows, you can start using a moisturising shampoo and use a conditioner to create moisture and hydrate to wash it. Make sure the conditioner you use does not contain any products that tingle, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The Resolution:

  1.  Trim from the bottom going up and don’t get antsy with shaping your beard. Give it time to grow before sculpting it and be sure to start at a higher setting and work your way down or risk losing weeks of growth.
  2. Beards need a line of demarcation, otherwise your beard can appear uneven, accidental or messy. After you’ve trimmed your beard, take off the guard or push back the attachment to the lowest level, and go from the jaw line straight down.

Products for your beard

It’s important that you wash all of your face and ex-foliate your skin so that you eliminate any dead skin build-up   Be sure to continue with facial cleanser, as a regular run-of-the-mill bar of soap will dry your skin out. And dry skin under a beard makes an itchy beard.

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Helps prevent new-growth itch. Controls unruly beards. This daily skin and facial hair lotion acts as an outstanding anti-itch and conditioner for new growth. And for the established beard, just a dab rubbed throughout the facial hair, from root to tip, will manage even the most unruly facial hair. With aloe vera to soothe and protect, and lime essential oils, which helps to dissolve oils trapped by whiskers. Great for both your scruff and your skin.

A Vintage Razor


Another entry for the beard competition

It’s all in the detail and loving the pink suit

Beard competition winner

Yes this is real

Beard championships 2012 - ZZ Top look-a-like

Embrace beard grooming this coming winter

Entry 7 & 8 of the beard competition

Love your facial hair and use the right products to sustain your beard

Coachella 2011 The Black Keys, known for his beard

Coachella 2011 The Black Keys, known for his beard

Get creative with your beard  trimmer

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your beard trimmer

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