6 Questions That Remove Awkward Pauses at First Date

6 Questions That Remove Awkward Pauses at First Date

People are different and getting to meet them can be scary. Occasionally, during the date, there will be points where it seems like you’re running out of things to say. Many people start to fidget at those points.

Even if they’re meeting with mail order brides that they’ve talked with online for a while, they can let their nerves get the best of them. In worst-case scenarios, a date that was going so well could crash and burn just because awkward silences weren’t properly handled. One effective way to prevent this is to use perfectly timed questions to fill the void.

Who’s Your Favorite Musician?

Apart from breathing in oxygen, another shared trait that most people have is their love for music. Knowing their favorite musician is one way to get them to talk. This question can open many opportunities for your date to find shared interests with you.

You may like the same artists, and then you can talk about your shared taste in music. Even if they like a musician you’ve never even heard of, it’s a great way to get them to talk while you think of other ways to spice the date up.

How Do You Enjoy Your Pastime?

Even the most reserved people do something for fun. When you ask this question, you achieve two goals at once. On one hand, you can keep the conversation flowing and break the ice, and on the other hand, you get the opportunity to learn the things your date loves to do. This will help you better plan subsequent dates and pick activities you’re sure they love.

Where Did You Grow Up?

When many people think about how to avoid awkward silence on first dates, they don’t think about the fact that they may be the first person from their region or country that their date has met. Asking your partner about their background is a great way to show how excited you are to have them. Tell them about how you’ve never been with a Southerner like them, for instance, and they’ll feel special about it.

What’s the most exciting experience you’ve had?

Like the question above, this is another great way to know what sparks your date’s interest. Most times, these exciting experiences are one-off events in their lives that they’d love to relive. If they share them with you, then that’s one more experience you can try to recreate with them.

Most Boring Things To Do?

This is a great way to measure how impressed your date is with you. Usually, people like to give subtle hints if they aren’t feeling too good about the way the date is turning out. If you ask this question, you may get an answer that hints at something you should work on to turn the tides of the date in your favor. If you’re looking for how to fill awkward silences, this question is a sure ice breaker.

Your First Impression Of Me?

Even if you prefer to find a wife online, at some point you will have to meet her. When this happens, first impressions will be created. It is in your best interest to know what their first impression was when they finally met you in person.

This is an ideal opportunity to correct any wrong impressions they may have gotten about you or to double down on any good ones. It is also a great way to fill in the blank spaces during the conversation.

6 Questions That Remove Awkward Pauses at First Date

The Bottom Line

Awkward silences can mar a firstdate. However, with the right tricks, you can swing a potentially disastrous pause in your favor. Some of the questions above can go as far as uncovering hidden similarities you both share and make the date memorable.


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