Summer is just around the corner, and you can probably tell by how warm it’s getting each day. And whenever seasons change, new trends and styles also roll in. One of these new and exciting changes will be hairstyles that are in for the summer.

A great hairstyle is probably the best accessory you’ll ever need no matter your fashion sense or style. If you have good hair, then you’ll always look stunning on every occasion or event.

But before anything else, you need to have an excellent hair care routine. Even with a good hairstylist, it’s impossible to make your hair look fantastic if you don’t take care of it. So, make sure that you keep your hair well-moisturized, protected, and maintained to handle the heat and humidity of summer. This way, you’ll look your best with these awesome hairstyles below.

1. High Bald Fade With A Textured Crop

Summer is going to be hot as expected. You can try out a high bald fade with a textured crop on top to get ready for the season. A high bald fade is terrific for the summer to make sure your head and neck feel cool. The best thing about a textured crop is that any hair type will look good with it. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, it’s an effortless style that’s easy to maintain.

High Bald Fade With A Textured Crop

Credit: Rum Barber

But if you have straight hair, you’ll only need to add one easy step to add more texture. This effective method is to apply a simple sea salt spray or other texturizing products, and you’re good to go!

2. High Skin Fade With Twists

If you have 4A, 4B, or 4C hair, you can go for a high skin fade with twists on top. You can get various twists, like twisted curls or sponge twists, to add shape and variety to the style. The high skin fade makes the hairstyle look cleaner, sharper and it keeps you cool as well.

To keep the curls in place, you’ll probably need hair gel but make sure you don’t overload your hair with the product. During summer, too much product can make you feel extra sticky and uncomfortable. You’ll also have to wash the build-up more often, which can strip your hair of moisture. So, make sure to apply lightweight products or reduce how much you use.

3. Low Fade With Side Part And Comb-Over

If you want a slightly longer top, you can get a lower fade with a side part. When it comes to the part, you’ll need to check your face shape and see where it’s best placed. Of course, you can also get a hairdresser’s professional opinion if you’re unsure.

Low Fade With Side Part And Comb-Over 

A lower fade is excellent if you’re not used to stronger lines and higher fades. Plus, a comb-over side part is great for hiding receding hairlines, if any. Either way, you’ll need to use a blow-dryer to direct it toward the side, give it shine, and make it more manageable. Make sure you use a bit of mousse or hairspray to keep it in place without making it too stiff.

4. Undercut With Man Bun And Beard

Man buns are still in because long hair will always be in style. However, it can be difficult to simply let your mane go wild, especially under the hot summer sun. A bun is going to keep it out of the way and make it look more fantastic. Make sure to use a bit of wax or hairspray to keep down some of your baby hair and flyaway hair. Adding an undercut can help you cool down and add an edge to the overall hairstyle.

Undercut With Man Bun And Beard 

5. Shaved Head

If you just can’t take the heat of the season, shaving your head might be right for you. This can be a drastic look for some, but if you can rock it, you should try it at least once. An if you’re having trouble with hair fall and you’ve been contemplating shaving it off for quite a while, then doing it for the summer is a perfect idea.

6. Buzzed Fade

However, if you want to keep cool without the drastic look of a fully shaved head, getting a buzzed fade is a milder choice. The great thing about a buzzed fade is that it’s perfect for any hair type. You’ll probably need to get it trimmed more often, but it’s effortless to manage for the rest of the time. And because it’s such an easy style, you can probably cut your hair at home to save your coins.


Summer hairstyles look refreshing and there are so many to choose from. This is because, during summer, it’s essential to stay cool and fresh without sacrificing your confidence and comfort in pulling off a new hairstyle. Heat will always be uncomfortable, so you must get a hairstyle and proper hair care that won’t make you feel sticky and irritated.