Who does not remember those movie scenes where you see a guy with a walk-in wardrobe which is perfectly organised with every suit you can imagine. Not all of us have the budget or space to be able to build such a collection. We show the budding suit collector the 6 types of suit that you should own. This way you can cover all your business suit needs as well as the occasional social suit occasion.

1. The Grey Two-Button Suit

The grey two-button suit is your classical smart business suit that never gets out of fashion and makes the perfect wardrobe investment for anyone in a professional environment. You can buy this suit type as a two-piece or even more formal as a three-piece with the waistcoat. With the grey suit, the rule is the lighter colours are more suited to summer and the dark colours like charcoal grey are more for winter. If you want something safe for the whole season pick a grey colour in the middle. For a starting suit collector avoid patterns for your first buys, just stick to the basics with a plain fabric.

Avalino Grey Suit

2. The Dinner Suit

Another key piece suit is the dinner suit or tuxedo. This is the type of suit you wear on black tie events, a swanky work party or a wedding. These type of events are far and few between so some people opt for suit hire. If you buy an off-the-peg dinner suit you will get your investment pack after two to four wears. For the extrovert guys that want to show who is boss at black-tie occasions, they should go for a bespoke suit.

Dinner Suit

3. The Double-Breasted Suit – Dark

Another staple in your suit wardrobe should be a dark grey or dark blue double breasted suit. The double breasted suit is very versatile and can be worn both at work as well as non office environments like the cocktail parties or weddings. The double breasetd jacket also pairs well with kahkis or chinos. When it comes to fit, go for a tight fit and a jacket that is not too long.

double breasted suit

4. The Linnen Summer Suit

Summers and suits do not go well together except for the open-weave linen suit that can be worn comfortably in warmer weather. Linen allows for air to flow through the garment and therefore make for a cooler choice. For the summer suit the cut should be more relaxed and unstructured as for colours they should be light earthy and pastel tones. If you have a tanned skin you can pull of the Riviera style.

Linen suit for men

5. The Navy Two-Button Suit

The plain navy two button suit with a notch lapel is the first suit you have to buy, and should be top of the list as this will cover work as well as other events. This is the type of suit that is ready for all occasions. When it comes to buying go for a mid-weight fabric as this allows you to wear it all year round, go for a material that does not wrinle too easy or is tot delicate. This is a workhorse suit and is meant to be worn a lot and should last.

Navy Two Button Suit

6. The Check Suit

If you want to standout go for the check suit and supercharge your sartorial looks. The check comes in many names: tartan, Tattersall, Prince of Wales, houndstooth or windowpane, any of these and you will be the lime light and stand out. This style can be worn as a two or three piece suit but it goes also well with a pair of black trousers. This type of suit should be cut sharp and have a tight fit.

Check Suit