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How To Dress To Impress For The Job Interview

In good ways and bad, first impressions can be a lasting one – especially when it comes to a job interview. The moment you step through that door, you are being judged, which includes how you decided to dress for the interview.  If you think a fancy resume or a quality reference is all you need to land a job, you are sadly mistaken. Yes, they help, but an employer wants to know that you can do more than just talk the talk — you also have to look the part… And this starts with the job interview.

As Modern Manners Guy, for, I teach others how to live a more mannerly life, both in a professional setting, as well as social. My new book, “REPLY ALL… And Other Ways To Tank Your Career”, (St. Martin’s Press) is a new age guide to fixing workplace faux pas, in a mannerly way. Along with my own advice, I interviewed dozens of famous CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and tastemakers to get their take on unmannerly behavior they have witnessed, and want others to avoid. Needless to say, how you look is a major deal maker and deal breaker.

So before you walk into the office of a future employer, check out my top three tips about how to dress to impress for any job interview.

Tip #1: Research the Proper Look

Every industry has its set dress code; business, arts, legal, industrial, etc. With that, each company has an expectation as to how their employees should dress. Do to this, go to their company website and their Facebook page, to study how they present themselves through pictures. What types of clothing do the people in the images wear?  Do they wear suit and tie, or just business casual? Do people carry briefcases or messenger bags? Research their company and follow suit… pun intended.

Tip #2: Pressed To Perfection

Look fellas, if your suit, pants, and shirt are not pressed, ironed or creased like it just came off the ironing board, you’ve already lost points. The job interview is not the time to bring out a shirt you wore last week, or one that still has lines from being folded in your drawer. Prepare the outfit you will wear at least two days ahead of time, and do not touch it until you get dressed that day. Your outfit should show you have a proper handle on style, and take pride in your appearance.

Tip #3: Bring a Backup

When you have a job interview, you never want to show up with a stain, or loose thread anywhere on your clothing. Always prepare a back up outfit in case something happens prior to arriving for the interview. To do this, pack a spare jacket, tie, shirt and pants, and leave it in your car, incase your current outfit gets scuffed moments before the interview. Even if you don’t use it, you know it’s there in case of an emergency.

You can never plan too much for a job interview, and what you wear should tell everyone in the room that you not only came prepared, but also show you can represent the company in public. However, don’t feel you have to break your bank to look sharp. Style is not about the price of the clothes, but how you wear them. Unless it’s the red carpet of the Oscar’s, no one will ask you, ‘Who are you wearing?’. However, when you properly dress to impress, no one will have to anyway. They’ll already know you’re set.

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