Are you looking for proven ways to look more attractive on Tinder? Maybe you want to get more matches or, perhaps, you want to make a killer first impression with girls online. I’m glad you want that. However, unless you learn the 7 profile tips I’m about to share below, you’ll lose many potential matches and, consequently, hot dates.

What if you could change the destiny of your online dating journey by implementing small yet high-leverage adjustments? That’s what you’ll learn in this article. This will boost your attractiveness on virtually any online dating app, regardless of your looks, ethnicity and age.

Online Dating is Here to Stay

Online dating has become more relevant during recent years, especially during the latest global pandemic experiencing an 18.4% increase than 2019.  When I first started with it, I was unaware of the attraction dynamics that pushed women to like men. For that reason, I wasn’t very successful.

That’s what pushed me to learn more about what made girls tick. Along my journey, I realized that those are some of the most powerful tips you can apply to succeed with online dating. Let’s discover them now.

Online Dating Tip #1 – Show a High-Value Lifestyle

7 Powerful Profile Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Attractiveness

Credit: unsplash

I’ve noticed that the average man focuses on uploading standard pictures on their profiles, only showing their bodies and faces. However, they completely forget that girls are not only visually triggered (like men) from a biological perspective. That’s what research has found.

This shows how men’s brains are designed to objectify females due to their sexual motivation pathways that are more strongly linked to the subcortical reward system than women. From this, we can infer that females are mainly sexually triggered by a man’s lifestyle, status, and providing abilities, apart from their looks.

That’s why you should integrate those aspects in your pictures on top of looks. Let’s learn more about them on the next points.

Tip #2 – Wear Success-Linked Outfits

7 Powerful Profile Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Attractiveness

Credit: unsplash

The quality of your outfit is strictly correlated to the attraction principles explained above. A man’s style is an essential cue for a woman to determine his self-esteem, status level, and providing abilities.

In today’s world, political correctness teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. On the other hand, science does the opposite, showing how people’s perception is positively impacted by how well one dresses.

That’s why learning cutting-edge men’s styling tips can only do good to you and to the girls you will meet.

Tip #3 – Show Dominance & Confidence

Scientific research has proven how taking up space in pictures and looking dominant will spark more attraction to girls. This means one thing: ditch the loser pose like in the example below.

7 Powerful Profile Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Attractiveness

Credit: unsplash

And show your masculinity by dominating the scene, like this guy’s doing.

7 Powerful Profile Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Attractiveness

Credit: unsplash

Can you notice the different vibe this picture conveys? That’s what girls are looking for.

Tip #4 – Write a Compelling Bio

What if I told you that girls do read men’s bios as much as they look at their pictures? That’s no surprise if we think they’re wired to collect as much information as possible about a potential male partner.

Women use bios to integrate the perception that they gleaned from your pictures with the information you provide about yourself in your bio. They do so to construct a more detailed portrait of the kind of man you are.

Writing a compelling bio can be boring for most men. However, this will pay off tremendously, especially if you don’t know explosive openers to start conversations like a pro. To trigger attraction in her with your bio, paint your interesting lifestyle with words using the “mind movie technique.”

In short, make her go through a mental movie where she imagines that your life is fun, engaging, and cutting edge. Make sure to work on your lifestyle to match her expectations when you go on a date with her.

Then put a call to action at the end of your bio, something like: “If you like hiking as well, swipe right.” That will help you increase your matching conversion rate.

Tip #5 – Be Trustworthy

Being perceived as a trustworthy man is one of the most crucial attraction switches for women. This happens because females have been (and still are) the responsible ones to carry and give birth to children.

That’s why, before sleeping with a potential partner, their biological instinct gives them a threat alarm, even if we live in a world where birth control is practicable by most people. In short, the “unwanted pregnancy” protection circuits still drive women’s behaviour.

That makes them scan for trustworthy men that would be both ideal providers and fathers that wouldn’t run away when, or before, the child is born. That’s why you should convey as much trust as possible also in your online dating profile.

Here are some tips for doing it:

  1. Smile in some of your pictures;
  2. Show open and friendly body language;
  3. Show photos with friends that trust & respect you.

Those are typical social signals and behavioural traits of trustworthy men that will make her feel more secure at meeting you in person.

Tip #6 – Exploit Preselection

Have you ever seen a girl starting to like a man just because other girls were interested in him? Suppose you watched a couple of movies with the typical alpha male or had an everyday social life so far. In that case, you know what I’m talking about.

That’s what the power of “preselection” does, and you can exploit it too. How can you do this with online dating?

Upload a picture with one (or more) girls where they’re having fun with you. Please don’t make it seem that you’re in a relationship, or this might dissuade girls from swiping right to you. Instead, show that there are girls in your social life and that they love being around you.

This also makes you look more trustworthy, creating a compound attraction effect that will flood their brains with powerful attraction chemicals.

Tip #7 – Trendy Haircut & Grooming

7 Powerful Profile Tips to Boost Your Online Dating Attractiveness

Credit: unsplash

Finally, show that you’re trendy with your cutting-edge hairstyle & grooming. This will show girls two important things about you:

  1. You take care of yourself (including your hygiene);
  2. You are aware of current trends. Thus you will earn higher social status and reproductive value.

Women love it when they see that a man puts effort into curating his image because they imagine that he’d do the same if they were in a relationship.

Learn the best grooming tips, and you’ll see your attractiveness skyrocketing. Remember to choose a style that reflects your body type and personality to max-out your results.


Attracting girls online is not a tricky riddle when you know what makes them tick. Now that you know the best practices to look attractive, take action to outweigh the competition and get the girls you deserve. Good luck!