How to Date While Social Distancing

How to Date While Social Distancing

Social distancing seems like the opposite of dating, but people can evolve pretty quickly. No one knows how long we will be forced to keep the distance, and we can’t require singles to continue living in solitude if they don’t want to. The coronavirus pandemic ordered us to stay at home as much as possible, making many people feel quite lonely, which is reflected in the boom in the sex toys industry.

If you’re single and you’re worried that the pandemic will keep you this way, or you’re social distancing away from your significant other, worry no more. After talking to dating experts from Beyond Ages, we have gathered some tips on keeping the spark alive while social distancing.

Plan Something Special for Your Video Chats

Whenever you meet up on Zoom or FaceTime, make sure it’s not only two of you sitting stiffly, looking and each other, and talking. Just like you would probably plan something for your face-to-face dates, you should think about setting the right mood for an online meeting.

Choose the right music, agree earlier that each of you will open a bottle of wine, prepare yourself a cosy and comfortable place to sit. You can even dress up and eat together if you synchronize your cooking to make it feel like a real-life date. There are many possibilities, and you shouldn’t be afraid to grab them.

Zoom Video Call


Set Boundaries

If you’re among those who got stuck at home, you’re understandably bored, and you may feel the urge to text your love interest all the time. While it may be exciting at the very beginning of a relationship, it will definitely get irritating and unhealthy after some time. Just like you need physical space in your everyday life, you need to set some boundaries during the pandemic. Make sure to go offline each day to read a book, get some fresh air, clean, study, or work.

Therefore, it goes without saying that you should respect others’ boundaries, as well. Don’t get mad at them only because they want some time away from the screen. It’s toxic always to expect someone to reply to your texts immediately.

Go Somewhere Online

There always were tons of possibilities for online dates, but the lockdown prompted even more tours and events available on the internet. Whatever you prefer for your dates, you will most likely find an exciting alternative online.

Do you like visiting museums? Now you can visit museums all over the world without leaving your apartment, or even your couch. There are recorded tours available on YouTube, as well as interactive searches on various institutions’ websites. You can find slideshows of famous paintings from all around the globe and walking tours provided by Google Arts and Culture that allow you to submerge into the experience. You and your partner may either synchronize or share a screen via video chat, which is also possible in many apps nowadays.

Watch a Movie Together

It probably won’t be as cosy and enjoyable as cuddling on a couch, but it is still something. Various browser extensions allow you to synchronize whatever you’re watching on a streaming platform, e.g., Netflix Party for Google Chrome. You can even chat on the side, not to let your voices disturb the movie sounds. If you prefer talking, though, you can always call each other, even put your cameras on, to make it as intimate as possible in the current circumstances.

watching a movie on TV

Watch a Concert

If music connects you because you share your favourite artists or have similar tastes, you can go to YouTube to find a full HD concert. It doesn’t only hold a broad base of recorded performances, but also, many artists perform live online these days to support people while social distancing. Just like in the case of watching a movie, you can use a chat or make a call to feel a little bit closer to each other.

Know More about Virtual Sex

When you’re social distancing separately, you don’t have any opportunity for physical intimacy, and it may get more difficult with time. However, thanks to the wonders of technology, you can now stay in touch with your love interest and enjoy intimate moments with them, e.g., through sexting. Remember, though, never to force anything. Similarly to the real-life encounter, you need consent before you even begin.

Always make sure that both you and your partner feel comfortable with how your relationship looks during the pandemic. It is a hard time for everybody, and you are supposed to support each other, not create more problems. Protection Status

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