The 1970s was a decade of iconic fashion, cultural transformation, and political movements. From disco fever to political activism, this era undeniably left an indelible mark on history.

In this blog post, we will take a nostalgic journey through 8 top trends of the 1970s, reminiscing the cultural phenomena and iconic styles that defined the era.

1. Bell-Bottom Pants

When we talk about bell-bottom pants, we instantly think of the 1970s. Clearly, one cannot think about the ’70s whenever bell-bottom pants are involved.

flare bell bottom jeans

To say that this trend took the fashion world by storm is a huge understatement. The flared bottoms that widened towards the ankle were worn by both men and women and became a symbol of disco and hippie fashion. Paired with platform shoes, these pants were a perfect fashion statement for a carefree and bohemian vibe.

2. Disco Fever

The disco era was in full swing during the 1970s, with clubs serving as the epicentre of the dance music revolution of the era.

Disco music, characterized by lush orchestrations and pulsating beats, had partygoers dressed in a distinctive fashion style. Think of shimmering sequined dresses, high-waisted trousers, and wide-collar shirts.

3. Platform Shoes

Bell bottoms are not complete without platform shoes. These elevated shoes with ultra-thick soles were a must-have for anyone wanting to make a fashion statement in the 1970s.

Platform shoes came in various styles, from wedge sandals to obnoxiously chunky heels. These footwear were often adorned with vibrant patterns, colours, or metallic finishes. They added height and glamour to any outfit, whether worn to the office or on the disco scene.

4. Psychedelic Prints

The psychedelic movement from the 1960s spilt over into the 1970s, inspiring a range of loud, bold, and colourful patterns. Psychedelic prints adorned almost everything – from album covers, bags, clothing, and even home decor.

These mesmerizing designs featured intricate swirls, vibrant hues, and abstract motifs. They captured the spirit of individuality and experimentation that characterized the 1970s.

5. Pop Art

pop art

The ’70s witnessed a resurgence of the pop art movement, spearheaded by iconic artists like Andy Warhol. Pop art celebrated consumerism and mass culture, incorporating iconic imagery, bold colours, and commercial symbols into artworks.

The influence of pop art went beyond the canvas and seeped into fashion, interior design, and advertising. It added a playful and vibrant aesthetic to various aspects of popular culture during the decade.

6. Iconic Slang

In addition to the cultural and fashion trends, the 1970s is also known for its colourful array of slang that became part of the daily vernacular. These slang terms reflected the evolving and dynamic language of the era, adding a sense of camaraderie and “groovy-ness” to conversations.

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7. Space Age and Futurism

The space age trend embraced futuristic aesthetics with sleek silhouettes, metallic fabrics, and geometric patterns. Designers played with shimmery materials like silver and vinyl, creating garments that reflected a vision of a futuristic society.

Science fiction movies like “Star Wars” captivated audiences and inspired a fascination with outer space.

8. Soul Music and Funk

While disco hits dominated the airwaves, funk and soul music also made a significant impact on the music scene in the ’70s. Artists and bands like Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, and James Brown, brought powerful vocals, soulful melodies, and infectious rhythms to the forefront.

9. Skateboarding and Surfing Sports


The ’70s witnessed the rise of skateboarding and surfing as popular sports and subcultures. These trends brought about a distinct fashion style.

Skateboarders embraced a mix of punk-inspired athletic wear like Vans sneakers, ripped jeans, and graphic t-shirts. Today, the skater look is still very much alive and integrated into men’s casual sportswear.

Meanwhile, surfers wore Hawaiian shirts, board shorts with loud prints,  and sandals.

The skateboarding and surfing culture epitomized a youthful, carefree, and rebellious spirit that influenced fashion and street culture.

Trends Transcending Time

The top trends in the 1970s, defined by its distinctive trends in fashion, culture, and music embodied a spirit of individuality, self-expression, and social change. Each trend left an indelible mark and greatly impacted modern trends today.

In conclusion, the 1970s were a dynamic and transformative decade that left an indelible mark on culture, fashion, and music. The era was characterized by a diverse range of trends, from bell-bottom pants, disco fever, and punk rock, to earthy bohemian styles.

All of these 1970s trends reflected the cultural, social, and political changes that impacted and continue to inspire and influence fashion and popular culture to this day.