My name is Ste Johnson, I’m an illustrator based in Liverpool. I produce a range of illustrations and commissions mainly focused on editorial for style, fashion, lifestyle and bespoke requests. I love creating a moment in time, within a scene which can communicate a message or create intrigue about what’s lead up to that moment and what happens next; something that can connect with a feeling or emotion within ourselves.

Bespoke Commissioned Portraits

Most of the work I produce is bespoke commissioned portraits which is always good fun and a gives me the chance to push my creative skills. I will always try and create pictures that are positive and have vibrance in them because I want to make people smile by looking at them. My process starts off with researching and deciding on what will go in the pose, pinterest is a great resource for this. I’ll create a mood board along the same lines as the image Im imagining to draw then will sketch it out. Once happy I’ll take it onto the computer and draw over my sketch then colour it all in. This can generally take from 3 – many hours depending on complexity and my own neuroticism.

I got onto your site, Gracie, via David from Grey Fox Blog and loved the fencing in suits with umbrellas images by Maria Scard. It was just fun and I thought it’d make a good illustration. I’m wanting to build up my profile and promote myself within the sectors I have a passion for and one of these is very much for MenStyleFashion. I thought doing this piece would be a good promotion piece.

Commission Me

To commission myself for work people can contact me via my website or [email protected] I love to discuss ideas and create images that clients and their customers will love. I do enjoy the whole process it’s a really great feeling to create a picture that never existed before and expresses a feeling, a thought, a story. It’s just something I love to do.

You can see more of my work at

Fashion Illustrator - Bespoke Commissioned Portraits (2)

Fashion Illustrator - Bespoke Commissioned Portraits (4) Fashion Illustrator - Bespoke Commissioned Portraits (3)