9 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Know

9 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Know

Pants are the only thing that matters in fashion, even GQ magazine agrees. Trousers have been worn by humanity since the dawn of time. Precisely, the oldest pair is three millennia old. The wool pants were discovered in China, likely designed as pantaloons for horseback riding. Since then, we’ve made infinite designs, using countless types of fabrics, for a myriad of jobs and purposes – and for what? Only to see sweatpants, jeans, and cargos? Sure, they’ll do, but let’s take a look at some other modern trousers styles all men should know exist.

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy is a durable textile that resembles a tufted cord, rope, or wale. The fabric looks like multiple parallel cords stitched together. Designers play with the width of the cord and the spaces in-between. Corduroy is mainly composed of woven, twisted wool or cotton. Keep in mind that they can get a little warm on sunny days.

The style was once representative of a teacher, academician in aussie essay writing, custom essay service, or a poet. Nonetheless, the ’70s are over, and they’re back in fashion again. More so, they’ve kept the intelligent-type look and can offer versatility between casual and formal. It’s up to the wearer to set up the connotation. Pair it with a tie and consider yourself a doctor in applied sciences. Alternatively, a sweatshirt or a leather jacket will disavow your association with nuclear physics.

Anyhow, the parallel cord material will make you look taller and add a drop of personality to your outfit. You’ll look approachable while maintaining a classic look.

Corduroy trousers from Marks and Spencers

Corduroy trousers from Marks and Spencers

Linen Trousers

Standard linen is a material made from flax plant fibres. It’s very durable, absorbent, and dries way faster than cotton. Because of this, they’re usually best suited for hot weather. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics.

However, these days, linen may also mean a combination of cotton, hemp, and other non-flax fibres. It’s essential to investigate the type of weave texture you’re about to buy. Not for nothing, but you should always know what you’re wearing. You don’t want to find yourself getting a compliment about your pants and not know the actual fabric. That would be awkward. Plus, knowing your fashion will give you that extra confidence. People feel when someone is knowledgeable about attire.

In any case, the old-school linen was something rather unimpressive and uncomfortable. Linen pants made people sweaty, miserable, and all but fashionable. Don’t despair; that’s not the case today.

Modern linen, both pure and composed, is another story. New-school linen trousers are practical, less prone to creases, more breezy, and can adapt to most body shapes. Try them on with a plain T-shirt and some sneakers. Balance new-age simplicity with the old but reinvigorated style of linen, and you’ll look remarkable.

Wool Trousers

This type of trousers is made primarily of sheep wool, cashmere obtained from goats, or other kinds of fiber obtained from animals like bison, rabbits, and muskoxen. The thickness of the fabric is best suited for cold weather. However, you can find trousers with a specific fiber combination of lighter yarns to offer better ventilation during warmer months.

A staple in men’s fashion, wool pants have maintained a good reputation among industry insiders and fashion bloggers, since it offers an alternative to the monotonous denim jeans.

You can go for a more traditional style and look like a young version of your grandfather by pairing it with a nice over-the-shirt sweater. Otherwise, you can add a clean white shirt, a nice colored tie, and a pair of glasses. Just don’t forget the English accent.

9 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Know

Dress Trousers

The wool fibres of the fabric are either combed and smooth (called worsteds) or uncombed and cottony in texture (called woolens). There are countless variations of these trousers, depending on the weight, texture, pattern, and combination of materials. Keep in mind that, although dress trousers with fine fibers may adhere better to the figure and may feel soft and smooth, they are more likely to wear out easily.

Every man will go to at least one wedding in his lifetime, which means dress trousers are a fundamental piece to have for special occasions. Whether you are the groom or not, these bottoms will make you feel brilliant and celebrative.

Nevertheless, even if you hate weddings and you don’t see yourself on the altar anytime soon, dress trousers are a multi-purpose piece.

For example, you can style a black pair, a black tie, a tailored blazer, and a clean white shirt. You’ll obtain a minimalistic outfit for office work, a meeting, or a wedding. Alternatively, if you wish to turn it into a more casual look, just forget about the tie and slightly unbutton the white shirt. You can add a pair of elegant and colored shoes to break the dullness of the outfit.

Dress trousers are a sensitive clothing item when it comes to size. If they are tailored to your body type, as fashion experts suggest, they will make you look exceptional. If your suit is too loose or tight, all the magic will be gone.

The dress trousers don’t have to be expensive. Usually, it’s less costly to buy them as part of a suit. That way, you have the whole outfit ready, and you don’t have to worry about the blazer. The leg hem should be just above the shoe, to avoid creasing. Remember to compare prices from one suit shop to another to get a good deal. And take your time choosing the colour, texture, and leg length.

Wollen trousers by Jack & JonesWoolen trousers by Asos design

Gray Flannel Trousers

Originally made from carded wool, grey flannel trousers are now either synthetic or made of interlaced fibres of cotton and worsted yarn. If the pants have brushed woollen fibres, they’re fluffier. Then again, they cost more and are delicate to wash. On the other hand, synthetic ones allow more movement and tend to be more gentle with your wallet.

Mistaken for just another pair of “fancy pants,” grey flannel trousers are great with a sports jacket and some aviators if you’re looking for a comfortable yet stylish outfit. The seemingly thick fabric may give off a warm and cosy vibe. So, during colder months, you may feel like wearing a turtleneck sweater and shades to compliment your flannel trousers.

The important thing about these pants is to avoid shoes that are too casual or sporty and avoid strong, vibrant colours. Try to combine nude colours that harmonize with your skin tone. If you are not familiar with your skin tone, look at the veins on your forearm. If they seem to be green on the surface, you have a warm skin tone, so try to use warm colours that are closer to reds and yellows. Otherwise, If your veins are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone, and you look best with colours that are closer to blues and purples. Lastly, if you can’t tell, you may have a neutral skin tone that allows you to play with both warm and cool tones.

9 Modern Trouser Styles All Men Should Know

Pleated Trousers

Pleated trousers distinguish themselves because they have a particular feature, the pleat. The pleat is a fold on the axial line of each leg of the pair of trousers. The creases create a more elongated look because they complement beautifully tailored trousers with a higher waist. We can consider any formal tailored trouser a pleated trouser as long as it has pleats.

You can buy pleated trousers in different colours: black for formal occasions, terracotta for relaxed days, and with a unique pattern for a party.

For instance, these trousers, in a shade of sand yellow, can add a refined touch to a casual cocktail look, just tuck your white shirt in, to show off your belt, roll the sleeves up, and keep your collar loose.

Just like all tailored trousers, make sure that the leg hem is just above the shoe if you intend to a formal look. However, you may fold the edges, once or twice, to recall the pleated theme. Just remember to avoid wearing socks, so you don’t look like a failed fashion experiment.

The best pair of shoes for this style are canvas trainers or elegant moccasins.

Moleskin Trousers

Moleskin is a thick cotton fabric, known to be soft and durable. It’s a suburban dad’s favourite. And although it’s a tough material that can be windproof, it’s comfortable, and it allows movement. It’s also quite easy to clean.

Why is it called moleskin? You guessed it, the softness of the material resembles the skin of a mole. However, the fabric itself doesn’t come from the furry animal.

The texture can vary from one trouser to another: some may be a little satiny while others have a suede-like surface.

Moleskin trousers are perfect for a day out in nature, during spring or autumn. You can pair them with a plaid shirt or a T-shirt. They go well with comfortable shoes like some leather moccasins.

Draw-string Trousers

No, we’re not talking about sweatpants. More precisely, we’re talking about their much classier cousin, the draw-string trousers. Their main feature is a cord that draws the fabric at the waist together. This cord allows you to move better and to adjust the trousers to the core, just like a belt would. You can lace the loops near the eyelets. The string may be visible, or it may be on the interior of the waistline where it’s an eyelet situated.

You can use these trousers for days when you are running errands, going to college, or when you feel relaxed.

They are incredibly versatile so you can pair them with anything: polo T-shirts, jumpers, sweaters, linen shirts, etc. The pants usually come in all sorts of patterns and colours. Make sure that they are comfortable, thus a little looser than a dress trouser but not as loose as the sweatpants you use to workout.

Hugo Boss drawstring trousers

Khakis vs. Chinos

Khakis and Chinos are two types of very similar trousers. They are both made from twill cotton, and they come in earthy, dusty tones.

Khakis, historically, were used as part of British and French military uniforms in India during the 19th century. The name comes from the Persian term ‘khaki,’ which stands for ‘dust,’ inspired by the color of the pants. These are the pants that we see in movies about English archaeologists who find mummies in Egypt.

Chinos are the Chinese version of Khakis. Troops wore these pants in South Asia and were made from cotton exclusively. So how can you tell one from another? You have to look at the stitching.

Khakis have visible stitches as well as visible pockets while Chinos have hidden stitching and are more formal. Khakis are heavyweight and are more comfortable. In contrast, Chinos have a slimmer cut, a broader range of colors, and lack folds. Both of them are perfect for a hot day while you move around the city.

You can pair some Chinos with a sheer linen shirt and some canvas trainers if you want to look more refined yet comfortable. They are work-friendly because you can combine them with a formal business shirt and sophisticated shoes. Wear Khakis with a nice white sweater, some elegant Lennon glasses, and you’re ready to travel the world.

Neutral chino trousers for men

You may prefer to be more formal and wear pleated trousers or chinos. However, you may be a man of action and opt to wear something more casual like draw-string trousers. Or you like to play with both and experiment with your creativity. Whatever you do, these nine types of trousers are staples in every respectable man’s wardrobe. And always remember that there’s more to fashion than just sweatpants, jeans, and cargos.

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