Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look men

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I consider myself to be a super nerd. So if your think I’m being discriminative I’m not. From top models to fashion gurus there is one thing that keeps lurking amongst the streets of Europe. That is men looking Geeky and Quirky. From men wearing fake eye-wear to slick back hair like Clarke Cable himself, be inspired. For all those that are nerds, consider this the revenge and the return of being what I call fashionably Geeky.

Who would have thought the revenge of the nerd look would be fashionably in. So what does it take to be Geeky Sleek or Nerdy Chic?

Goofie Eyewear

Black oversize thick frames are certainly a starting point. The key is to wear them at the edge of your nose and if you look like a Geek then you’ve achieved your look. I find guys who don’t normally wear eye-wear can pull this off well.

Mr Slick

Gel is essential here. Side part hairstyles with a vintage look is the go. Comb your hair to the side, don’t hold back here. Go for an exaggerated look. You need longer hair to achieve this. Something about this look states masculinity and sophistication.

Beige, Brown and Mr Frown

I just think if there is a colour that sates Mr Nerd then it’s these. I would opt for a seventies flare too your look. Go for exaggerated striped collars. Retro looking jackets and anything that states I’m living in the seventies. But you can always add your own quirky touch. I find wearing clothes that don’t quiet fit whether it be too short in the arms or too long in the legs gives that Geeky, quirky image. You’re a misfit anyway. Whatever that means? You just have decide what it is? Maybe the key lies within you subtle accessories.

Shoes & Boots

Platforms come to mind. Or anything out of the norm. Loud patterns, big soles and a whole lot of attitude. If you choose to wear boots then opt for exaggerated toes. Whether it be a square or a pointed toe shoe. Make sure it just looks like one complete misfit. As for your socks loud patterns and make sure they are on show.


Oversize ones with bright colours are very super nerdy. Make sure they are visible and your shirt does not have to compliment anything. If it looks a tad messy, then so what.

Leonardo-DiCaprio by Kurt Iswarienko Great Gatsby

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look  eyewear

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look Eyewear

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look eyewear

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look eyewear

Geeky, Quirky Nerdy Look Slick hairstyle

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look eyewear

Geeky, Nerdy Quirky Look eyewear