UGG for Men – Australia’s Take On Men’s Shoes

UGG for Men – Australia’s Take On Men’s Shoes


Ugg for Men

Blimey, Ugg Australia’s bootie brand has done its homework for you blokes. The slew of new products, which were nearly Ugg-recognizable, is pretty impressive. More impressive was their spokesperson and campaign star Tom Brady, at a height of 6’4″. By the way I am loving his geek-chic glasses look.  Sorry back to the men’s UGG collection.

The fresh products hot off the shelves has a lot to offer. It is a safe pair of practical footwear that will do very well especially for winter.  The colours are safe and the style of shoe is practical and you certainly could walk a marathon in this current collection. It all comes down to how you dress yourself in these shoes.

The market is broad and the men are plenty. UGG Australia is a label transformed into an international brand that we will no longer associate with, Shaun The Sheep on your feet.

If safe fashion is where you are heading then UGG Australia will bring you “no worries ” when it comes to shoe style.

tom brady, ugg, australia, mens, 2012

Tom Brady wearing the latest UGG for men collection 2012.

ugg mens classic short bomber snow boots - chestnut colour

Good ozzie earth colour, straight from the outback.

ugg mens australia classic short bomber boots - grey colour


The tan lace boot certainly looks comfortable.

Ludget Delcy Uggs Mens Boots

Fair crack of the whip, is this really UGG boots for men?

Ludget Delcy Uggs Mens Boots

Ludget Delcy Uggs Mens Boots, looks wicked when you wear the right suit.

ugg mens - ascot slipper

Ascot slipper, hmm keep these indoors

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