Styling Men’s Trousers So You Always Look Cool And Presentable

Styling Men’s Trousers So You Always Look Cool And Presentable

When it comes to men’s style, most people think of shirts, jackets and even shoes, but trousers are often overlooked. They might not be the first thing you see when you look at an outfit, but they’re definitely important to complete your ensemble. It’s important that you understand how your trousers will fit into your look so that you can pick the perfect pair to suit every outfit. There are many ways to wear men’s trousers, so we thought we’d discuss a few ways you can use them to easily create a crisp and stylish look.

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Versatile Chinos Are A Wardrobe Must-Have

Ideal for both formal looks and casual ensembles, chinos should be in every stylish gent’s wardrobe. They’re perfect for both smart-casual looks and wearing a baggy t-shirt for when you want to look more chilled out. There are various different types of chinos on the market, so get yourself a few pairs so that you have one to suit every mood.

Neutral chino trousers for men

Chinos from Politix

Pair Patterns With A Plain Look

It’s easy to overwork patterns, so if you decide to select a funky checked, striped or even polka dot pair of trousers then make sure that you wear them with a plain shirt and jacket. Wear fitted pattern trousers, so you don’t look like a circus clown, and choose quality, statement shoes to finish off the look. Keep the colours and patterns of your other clothing muted so that you don’t look too bright. With a little work, it’s easy to create an ensemble that shows your love for patterns.

Jaded London Jeans Trousers

Jaded London

Wear Jeans For A Relaxed Look

A clean, crisp pair of denim jeans is the perfect way to finish off a laid-back ensemble. Blue denim pairs with everything, as does black, whilst white and coloured jeans can give you a quirkier, more unique style. Hardwearing and durable, denim is a great fabric for those that want to wear their trousers for a variety of activities, but you need to make sure that they’re well-crafted so that you can make the most of them and wear them for years to come. Find a quality pair of men’s jeans, like the selection from EDWIN’s denim collection that’ll stand the test of time, so that you always have some on hand for when you want to look relaxed yet composed.

Edwin Jeans for men

Activewear Belongs Together But Shouldn’t Match

Workout clothing has become increasingly trendy, so you don’t have to confine your joggers to the gym anymore. When wearing tracksuit bottoms in a casual situation, pair them with other clean and fitted activewear, but make sure that it doesn’t match so that you don’t look like a child who’s been dressed by his mum. Find a t-shirt by a different brand, or in a different colour, so that you look stylish and trendy.

Corduroys Aren’t Just For Old Men

Corduroy trousers bring back memories of the 1970s and are revered by older gentlemen, but they can easily be incorporated into a stylish outfit with a little common sense. There are brands out there dedicated to bringing corduroy back into the mainstream and with good reason. This versatile fabric can easily be used to take a too casual and prim suited look down a notch and make you look trendy and fashion-conscious. Try to wear corduroy trousers in a colour that is creative but not too ostentatious such as mustard, burgundy or navy.  As with patterns, don’t over-style corduroy trousers. Instead, wear them with plain, classic looks to ensure that they stand out and become a focal point.

Corduroy trousers from Marks and Spencers

Corduroy trousers from Marks and Spencers

Wool Trousers Are Luxurious And Stylish

A clean-cut pair of wool trousers go perfectly with a tailored suit, or with a shirt and jacket for a more casual appearance. They’re the perfect pair of trousers to wear for those that want to feel comfortable and still look professional. Be it at a wedding or a board meeting, if you’re trying to impress then wool trousers are the best option. Choose a classic colour like grey, black or navy so that you can wear them with everything and still look neat and polished. Choose a slim-fitted pair of wool trousers which will give you a tapered outline and create a clean and neat outfit.

Woolen trousers by Asos designWoolen trousers by Jack & Jones

Cargo Trousers Combine Form With Function

Recently cargo trousers have become a catwalk staple, meaning that they’re now definitely back in fashion and no longer considered the pariahs of the men’s trouser market. If you’re keen to show off your style credentials, then these are the ideal statement trousers. With multiple pockets, they’re also really useful for when you have lots to carry and don’t want to lug a bag around with you. Wear cargo trousers with a relaxed street-style outfit, such as a baggy t-shirt and hoody. Make sure that you wear trendy trainers to go with them and show off your style.

cargo trousers pants by Asos Design

Cargo trousers by Asos Design Protection Status

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