A Brief Guide to Gothic Style for Men

A Brief Guide to Gothic Style for Men

You can often see young people with pale faces wearing black extravagant clothes. For someone, such images can be frightening, but at the same time, many people look at them with admiration. Gothic, this is the name of this style, is both gloomy and fascinating. Many elements of the Gothic even became an inspiration for fashion designers.

A Brief Guide to Gothic Style for Men

A Bit of History

Gothic fashion style occurred in the late 70-ies of the XX century. The Punk style, characterized by revolutionary and anarchic ideas, gradually faded away. Rebellious moods gave way to feelings of decadence.

The black colour of the clothes symbolized mourning for a life full of pain and suffering. The inevitable end of life made the newly-born Goths search for secrets of the afterlife. Those doleful romanticists often chose cemeteries as the place of their meetings. Elements of sadomasochism – spikes, lashes, leather collars, etc. – were widely used as attributes of the style. They symbolized bodily suffering, which is considered to be a prominent feature for the gothic subculture.

Over time, the Gothic movement split into separate subcultures with specific preferences and interests. The only thing that remained the same for all of them is a pronounced aristocracy, gravitation to art, and a depressive attitude.

Features of the Gothic Style

The Gothic style favours black clothes. This colour is basic but you can highlight it with the inserts of red and its hues. Especially popular are saturated and dark tones (for example, cherry, wine, maroon, and others).

Goths normally have pale skin with a lack of a tan. To emphasize their pallor, they choose the appropriate materials for the outfits. The most suitable are lace, velvet, silk, leather, taffeta, brocade, organza, and vinyl as a leather substitute.

Gothic men’s fashion is characterized by pronounced femininity. Therefore, it is similar to the ladies’ outfits in many respects. The basic elements of their wardrobes are tight leather pants, black shirts, shapeless hoodies, and hats. They also rock long coats, which are made from leather or thick fabric.

The popular choices for shoes are Dr. Martens, grinders with massive soles or creepers.

A Brief Guide to Gothic Style for Men

Gothic Style Jewelry

The typical companions of Goths are accessories made of white metal. Usually, it is silver or inexpensive alloys. Sometimes white gold is used too. The silvery colour is a symbol of the cold moon. It will emphasise the contrast between a pale face and dark jewellery. Leather ornaments are also popular: bracelets, collars, necklaces, etc.

Regardless of a particular Gothic style, the following motifs are considered to be classic for Goth men’s ring and necklaces: crosses, skulls, and bats. Punk Goths prefer metal chains, bracelets, and spikes. These Gothic jewelry can be found from Gthic.

A Brief Guide to Gothic Style for Men

Gothic Makeup

In addition to the wardrobe, specific makeup is required as well. It is an obligatory element of style for both women and men. Eyes, highlighted with a black eye-liner, should be clearly distinguished on a whitened face. The lips are touched with red, black or blue lipstick.

If you are not ready for a full-blown Gothic image, there is a so-called “corporate Goth” style. Let’s just say, this is an office option that is used when it is impossible to dress in traditional Gothic outfits. This style features discreet Gothic rings and pendants as well as black business clothes.

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