Congratulations, you’re only a month away from moving into your new home. Whether this is a dream house, a work relocation, or a pragmatic family move, there’s no doubt that such a significant transition can have you pulling your hair out while you’re packing. Especially in the final month before your move, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the details. Now that you’re down to the wire, here’s a four-week moving checklist for the now-or-never mover.

Go over shipping arrangements

You might want to ship belongings to your new home, especially if you’re moving across state lines. Now is the time to ensure your movers have all the proper addresses and double-check there are no shipping details you may have missed, such as a vital invoice.

If you’re shipping your vehicle, experts like Guardian Auto Transport recommend doing so at least two weeks in advance. If you’re working double-time to make your arrangements, you may want to ask about expedited shipping options.

Get packing

The time has come to sort everything you own. Make sure you have plenty of sturdy boxes to fit all your belongings. Though this is probably the most dreaded item on your moving checklist, it’s crucial to organize now so that you don’t pack your moving day headache along with your furniture and knick-knacks.

Label boxes by room and category and list out where everything ends up. Pack everything, even the most minor bits and bobs, and leave only the bare essentials unpacked as the move approaches.

Bid farewells

Making a big move can be bittersweet. You’re under a lot of stress, so take the time to pamper yourself with a going-away party.

Having one last get-together with your loved ones is an excellent way to ease into the reality of your upcoming move. It’s best to keep it simple with music, refreshments, and basic decor.

If you’re not the partying type, don’t worry. Your going-away event can also serve a practical purpose by making it a packing party. Set out packing materials for your guests to help you organize things, and go down memory lane together as you sort your belongings.

Get your pets ready

Pets are not always the calmest with significant changes such as a move. It can take animals (particularly cats) longer to adjust to a new environment, even without the added stress of travel.

Check with the vet before you leave. Ensure that your pet is healthy enough for travel and that you have any necessary documentation or medications. You should also ask if your vet knows any colleagues where you’re going. Lastly, decide on the best way for your pets to get to the new location. If you’re flying, different airlines will have various rules about pet carriers.

File a change of address

You don’t want to miss any important mail, so make sure you update your address now. If you receive bills through paper mail, let your phone and internet providers know of your new address. File a change with your bank, post office, employer, and anyone else who may need to contact you.

The good news is that you will likely be able to make these changes online. Think of all the places you need to update your address on, set aside a few minutes in the coming weeks, and go through them one by one.

Be sure you include services that don’t have a physical location: any service apps such as food delivery or Amazon will need to be updated to ensure you send any future goodies to the right home.

Turn utilities off and on

To give yourself plenty of wiggle room for unexpected changes, you should request a specific turn-off date for utilities in your current home. Ideally, do this no less than two weeks before the move. Even though you may be able to wait until the last 48 hours to turn off utilities, it’s always best to plan these things well in advance so you don’t get stuck with the bill for utilities you didn’t use.

After you have your turn-off date set, make sure you know the utility providers at your new location and set a turn-on date ahead of your arrival.

Set up your GPS

If you’re like most people, you use your phone’s navigator to get around your city. You’ve likely gotten halfway to your destination before realizing you’re going to an old address. To avoid this after your move, make sure to change the address on your chosen navigation app.

Final considerations

Now that you’ve gone through the checklist and made sure you made all necessary arrangements, it’s time to enjoy your move. Regardless of the reason you’re moving, settling into a brand new place and neighbourhood can be an exciting milestone, so long as you’ve got all the preparation out of the way. Pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath and enjoy your new surroundings.