Like many astrology buffs, you probably know your Sun sign. Maybe you get a chuckle from browsing zodiac memes on Instagram or you check out your horoscope regularly. But astrology is much more than Sun signs.

Astrology is the study of how significant celestial events affect social groups, nations, and humanity as a whole. It goes way beyond just the Sun signs and for getting information on the astrology science in general, you can read books for beginners such as “The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology”, or if you are not more into reading books, consider having a look at astrological websites like Zodiac Story or Astrology. Another thing that is important to take into consideration is the birth chart.

In fact, your birth chart can reveal a lot more about your personality and the possibilities your life may hold. Requesting a natal chart reading can uncover even deeper wisdom that your chart holds. But this basic overview can help you better understand what you’ll see in your chart.

What Your Birth Chart Says About You

Your birth chart is basically a snapshot of the sky at the precise date, time and place you were born. Birth charts are drawn as concentric circles bisected by one horizontal and one vertical line. This format helps map the positions of planets and points in the skies as viewed from Earth.

Planets, signs and houses all carry energies of their own – energies that can combine with or combat each other in a variety of ways. Astrologers can understand how these energy combinations work when they look at a birth chart. That’s how they can interpret and offer some useful insights about you:

  • Core personality
  • Communication style
  • Emotional inner world
  • Approach to your career
  • Attitudes about home and family
  • Romantic aspirations
  • How you strive to achieve goals

Birth charts don’t contain hard and fast predictions about people’s lives. Rather, they offer potential insights. And an astrologer gleans these insights based on the positions of planets and points. If you wish to dive deeper, consider exploring destiny psychic readings to augment the information in your chart.

A Guide To Understanding the Planets

Modern astrology uses 10 planets to represent aspects of our personality. When we say “planet,” we use it as a broader term referring to celestial bodies. That’s why the Sun and Moon are considered planets, along with the dwarf planet Pluto. And each of these bodies represents part of our personality and psyche.

These 10 celestial bodies are divided into two groups: the inner planets and the outer planets. The inner planets start with the Sun, which represents the ego and primary sense of self. The Moon stands for our inner emotional and private selves. Mercury is the planet of communication, logic and intellect. Venus speaks to whatever attracts us in love, aesthetics, culture and sensual delights. Mars represents one’s ambition, drive and physical passions.

The last five outer planets are the slower-moving bodies in our solar system. The gas giant Jupiter symbolizes fortune, philosophy, travel and wisdom. Saturn represents time, discipline and rules. Frigid Uranus stands for technology, innovation and eccentricity. Neptune, god of the oceans, governs imagination, intuition and fantasy. Finally, mysterious Pluto represents transformation and rebirth.

Gaining Deeper Understanding

Your birth chart is just one of many tools you can use to understand yourself. But it can reveal a lot about your inner emotions, values and potential. Some supplement this information with readings from past life psychics. Whether past, present or future, self-knowledge is key to living well and achieving personal growth.