A Guide to finding the Right Diamond in Baltimore Jeweler

A Guide to finding the Right Diamond in Baltimore Jeweler

Different jewelry goes with different types and sizes of diamonds. Diamonds are cut in four types of shapes: round, pear, princess and oval. All these cuts have a different look and are used respectively in rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry as suited to the shape and style.

  • The round-shaped diamond is the most popular diamond shape of all. This shape has set the convention for all diamond shapes.
  • The pear cut diamond looks like a teardrop because of a single point and the round top, its distinct look makes it a very popular shape for pendants and earrings.
  •  The Princess cut has a straight-sided rectangular outline with a unique facet arrangement. It is a mixture of shape and cutting style that produces more sparkle than conventional square or rectangular diamonds. The shape of Princess diamonds gives them a versatility to be used in many types of jewelry but the most common place for this cut is on top of solitaire style rings.
  • Last but not least, oval diamonds have an extended, elegant shape, because they are cut in a similar manner to round diamonds, they are one of the most dazzling and sparkling diamond shapes. Another great advantage of this shape is that they look a lot bigger than other diamond shapes and in a cheaper price tag. They are preferred in being used in ladies’ rings and as center pieces in Halo, Solitaire and vintage style rings and they also make fingers look longer.

A Guide to finding the Right Diamond in Baltimore

Diamond Trends

Whichever cut, color, clarity, and carat you need, Nelson Coleman Jeweler will help you find it.

If you are buying an engagement ring, you will be looking for a gem that is going to stun every beholder and be a symbol of your love. Two shapes that are preferred for engagement rings are the round cut and the princess cut. Although using these two diamond shapes is the convention, other cuts too are being used in the name of innovation. You want a diamond that has a lovely white color, no visible inclusions (to the naked eye at least) and a very good cut, so the diamond will reflect the light beautifully, a round or princess cut will do very nicely.

There quite a few brands that make diamonds, Hearts on Fire, Les Georgettes, little bird, Tacori, Tsao Baltimore that are available at Nelson Coleman. These brands all have their own unique things. Hearts on Fire are exclusively known as the creators of the best-cut diamond in the world. They are cut and polished with such quality that they ensure a 100 percent light reflection with all the colors of the spectrum. Hearts on Fire are known for cutting all their diamonds to the same perfection and to the same perimeters. No matter how large or small the diamond, they all have the same top-class perfection. Hearts on Fire diamonds are available for sale at Nelson Coleman jewelers where you find the diamond shape and size of your shape and of the best brand that comes in budget.

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