Men’s Scarves – Why Wear a Scarf?

Men’s Scarves – Why Wear a Scarf?

History of Men’s Scarves

The wearing of scarves by men was popularised by its adoption by the aviators in both World Wars. They used the scarf for warmth and to prevent chafing as they scanned the sky for enemy planes. They have been a staple in men’s wardrobes for over 200 years, with the world’s militaries using them as rank insignia and unit designators.  From the Terracotta Warriors of China to modern-day desert military units, we see scarves used because they provide value in inclement weather.

Why Wear A Scarf?

The scarf has become a style statement over the years. For different occasions, men need different types of scarves to keep up with their macho look and masculine dress code. Below, we have given a brief description of their functionality and quality. Keep reading!

  • Function –  A thick wool scarf can keep your neck warm on a cold frosty morning. Or looks edgy when riding you’re riding Harley Davidson about. A lightweight linen scarf can protect your neck from the sun and sand when crossing the Sahara. For us women, men wearing a scarf is very sexy. It’s always exciting to dream about what lies behind the scarf?
  • Flair – Scarves can add a strong element of style, especially when they introduce colour to an otherwise bland outfit. As long as it doesn’t compromise functionality, few will question even a brightly coloured piece of cashmere that brightens up a banker’s charcoal overcoat and watch cap.  However, in less functional roles (such as wearing a light-weight scarf indoors in lieu of a necktie) the man doing so needs to be very comfortable in his own personal style. Keep the rest of the outfit simple so it isn’t competing with the scarf for attention.

General Rules for Tying a Scarf

  • Keep it simple – only tie knots you are comfortable wearing–confidence is everything.
  • Scarf length & thickness can limit knot style options.
  • A scarf isn’t a necktie–keep it loose.


Hugh Jackman and Paul Newman show how edgy wearing a scarf can be


Al Pacino wore loads of scarves during the epic movies, The Godfather


Don’t be afraid of different style scarves. Chunky scarves look fab on men


John-Varvatos, Printed-US-Flag-Scarf

John-Varvatos, printed, US-Flag-Scarf


celebrity men wearing scraves, tom-brady and usher

Tom Brady and Usher look cool wearing scarves

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