Key Tips On Choosing Perfect Leather Laptop Bag For Business Events

Key Tips On Choosing Perfect Leather Laptop Bag For Business Events

Leather laptop bags are always fashionable and elegant. These bags don’t only look good, but they’re also extremely durable. However, leather laptop bags can be a bit expensive.

If you’re a business professional who requires a durable and stylish laptop bag, you can never go wrong from choosing a leather laptop bag from for all of your business events. But, you have to take note that not all leather laptop bags are equally made.

Regardless of your needs or preferences, below are some of the key tips to choose the best leather laptop bag in the market:

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Take Note of the Size and Dimensions

One of the first things that you should consider when shopping around for a leather laptop bag is the size or its dimensions. Whether you choose leather backpacks or messenger bags, the best size suited for you may depend on the size of your laptop and the other things you usually bring in business events.

Never purchase a leather laptop bag that’ll only accommodate a 13-inch laptop if your laptop is a 14-inch one. Most manufacturers these days offer laptop bags in various sizes and forms. Before you purchase a leather laptop bag, check its size and ask questions about the bag’s dimensions from the manufacturer.

Determine the Type of Leather Used

Not all leathers are the same. Even if a manufacturer claims that the leather is genuine, its quality may significantly vary.

The most expensive type of leather is full-grain. Usually, even if it’s challenging to manufacture, luxury fashion houses prefer this because of its durability and beauty.

Another durable type of leather is top-grain. Its primary difference from full-grain leather is its surface. Top-grain leather is known for its finer finish.

Genuine leather basically refers to the lowest quality of leather. This material doesn’t look or lasts long compared to laptop bags that are made from top-grain leather and full-grain leather. Typically, genuine leather laptop bags are affordable.

Colour Choices

Dark brown and black leather laptop bags are ideal for business events. These bags project a sense of power and authority. On the other hand, lighter and tan brown bags are more suitable for a casual working atmosphere.

If you’re looking for the most formal option, consider a black leather laptop bag as it complements other colours. Don’t choose bags that have two different colours or have stitching with contrasting colours. A single colour leather laptop bag is always the safest bet.

Pay Attention to the Laptop Compartment Padding

If you’re a clumsy person and you often toss your bag anywhere because you’re in a rush, you must pay attention to the padding of the laptop compartment.

A padded leather laptop bag offers an additional layer of security for your laptop and other fragile items you usually bring with. Choosing a leather laptop bag that lacks proper padding should be avoided at all costs.

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Check the Hardware’s Quality

Before buying any leather laptop bag, you have to check the quality of its hardware. The bag’s hardware may include the zippers, locks, handles, buckles or metallic rings.

If you’re planning to purchase online, read the product description and ask questions to the manufacturer about the little parts of the bag.

Style and Comfort

Regardless of how beautiful a leather laptop bag looks, if it’ll not offer you comfort, it’s just a waste of money.

The majority of these bags have a messenger bag-like style. Such bags have an adjustable strap. But, there are also leather laptop bags that have a briefcase-inspired top strap, which offers flexibility when carrying your laptop.

If you always use public transportation to attend business events or you need to travel often, it’s best to choose a leather laptop bag with an extra handle.


Once you’ve decided to buy a leather laptop bag, never forget about the warranty. Most manufacturers have their own policies when it comes to warranty.

Others will provide a lifetime warranty, while some may just provide a limited time warranty. So, better check about the warranty of your preferred leather laptop bag before you finalize your purchase.


When it comes to finding the perfect laptop bag for business events, no matter what your preferences are, you have to take note that price isn’t always a sign of quality. Oftentimes, there are brands that charge more for lesser quality items because of their name. If you want to get the best value of your investment, choose a leather laptop bag that’s of high quality and genuine.

Moreover, keep those above-mentioned tips in mind to purchase the right one for your needs. Protection Status

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