A Man’s Ultimate Guide To Getting In Shape

A Man’s Ultimate Guide To Getting In Shape

Getting in shape is not just about the abs or muscles; instead, it is about adopting a healthy lifestyle that allows you to live your best life. So if your thinking that hitting the gym is the ultimate solution, think again!

Whatever reason you have for getting in shape, remember that it’s all about your dedication and devotion to the cause. Don’t shy away from a challenge and most of all, always believe in yourself.

Following is our recommended list if you want to get in shape.

Find Your Motivation

First and foremost, you need to define your goals and stay determined to achieve them. Whether its muscle building or weight loss, anything is possible with the right attitude. Importantly, remember that getting in shape takes time. Overworking yourself over a short period and feeling sore afterwards without achieving the desired results can have a major blow on your motivation level.

If you decide to join a gym, try exploring a few options before settling on a membership. Maybe even partner up with a workout buddy to give you a reason to show up consistently. Having a friendly face can enhance your comfort levels and even motivate you to stick to your routine rather than skipping workout sessions.

In case you seem confused, intimidated or overwhelmed, hire a trainer to help you streamline your workout routine. This might be a little extra on the pocket but it will definitely allow you to feel focused on your workout because you will know exactly what to do. A trainer can customize your training routine, give you the right guidance and lend you valuable advice whenever you feel you need the extra support.

Lastly, a great way to motivate yourself is to get the right workout clothes. Activewear will make you feel confident, and encourage you to perform your best. Always avoid wearing anything that could chafe your skin. Ensure your clothes have the right fit so that your muscles are supported and your movements are flexible. Ideally, opt for compression sportswear or activewear that are breathable and have sweat-wicking ability, such as Dri-fit, Coolmax or Supplex.

These measures will enhance the productivity of your workout session by giving you all the motivation you need.

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Ensure A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced nutrition is as important as the hours you put into getting in shape. This means that you need to have the three essential macronutrients, namely carbohydrates, protein and fats, and ensure that you have a pre-workout and post-workout meal in order to maximize your workout performance and help you recover after.

Whether its fat loss, weight loss or building muscle mass, you need to maintain a calorie count. If its fat loss, you need to calculate your maintenance calories. If you are aiming to bulk up, increase your protein intake and opt for protein powder supplements. Building muscle also means stocking up on healthy fats.

Needless to add, you need to steer away from excessive junk food and binge eating. Don’t skip meals, and ensure that you divide your daily calorie intake into several small meals throughout the day. Also, choose fresh, healthy and organic food over the processed stuff you get at the supermarket.

For carbs, try including complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates such as sugary drinks. This is because complex carbs allow for a steady release of energy, maintain blood glucose and are ideal for weight management.

Some suggestions for food that should be part of your diet if you plan to stay in shape:

  • Carbs: Vegetables, fruits such as bananas and apples, whole-grain bread, brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, oats, greek and fruit yoghurt, raisins.
  • Proteins: Lean meat, grilled chicken, fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, legumes, eggs, dairy products, flax/sunflower/pumpkin seeds.
  • Healthy fats: Avocados, nuts, olives, olive oil, chia seeds, tofu.

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Have A Regimented Routine

A routine is important to stay consistent and committed to your goal. In order to motivate yourself, we recommend starting slow and scaling-up rather than jumping right in. One great way to get you to look forward to getting in shape is to start jogging or running in the morning or walking after dinner. This will help motivate you to achieve your long term goal.

A workout routine should be tailored to your goals and your individual needs. If you are aiming to build muscle, you have to focus on building strength in your muscles. This means weight training exercises, compound movements like squats and deadlifts and balancing your body parts training. You should carefully assess how many sets and reps you can handle, and train for a maximum of five days a week.

All you need to know about muscle gain Gaining muscle could be for anything, you would just want to carve your shape out or you might want to put up some bulk. Whatever be the reasons behind, it is a good approach to first learn about the process properly and then start getting on with it. Putting on weight and gaining muscle could be as difficult as losing the weight but it has its own perks too. The most amazing thing about muscle gain is that you can east. And eat a lot, really. Unlike the weight loss diets, you don’t have to kill yourself with hunger, rather you can enjoy taking as much food as you want. Men just dream to have the muscular and bulky bodies that define them and make them look strong. But unfortunately, they just don’t try to understand the theory of bulking and just start going after anything they hear about it. So here we have gathered a proper guideline for you to tell you how you can build up some muscle and gain some bulk. If you follow these guidelines, you for sure are going to reach your goal easily. 1. You need a lot of calories So, muscle building is not an easy job at al. it requires a lot of energy and you need the energy sources to maintain your physical energy as well as the more required for the bulk. For this, you have to eat properly and take a good amount of calories every day but you have to be very careful about the type of the calories that you need. We will be discussing them shortly. 2. Consume good amount of protein You can consume the energy that is required by the muscles from the proteins. Taking excess amount of protein will give you energy and will help build your muscles as well. When you are doing the strength training and excessive body building, there is a wear and tear happening in your muscles all the time and the protein you consume will repair your muscles and will help you in the production of new muscles as well. So that the new muscles would be even more powerful and you will get your desired body as well. 3. Consume good amount of carbs as well Just as the proteins are essential for the body, so are the carbohydrates. The carbohydrates also provide the energy to the body that is vital as only taking protein could be harmful for your kidneys and their functioning, so taking carbohydrates maintains the balance. When you consume carbs, your body prioritizes on consuming the energy it gets from the carbs and keeps the energy from the proteins, stored in the body. 4. You will have to eat more frequently Since you will be doing tough exercises, you will be needing more strength to keep your body physically active and to gain more energy to build the bulk. You will have to check with the trainer and check out some male health review articles to know more about your eating routines. On general note, you should take a breakfast, a brunch, a lunch, a post workout snack and a dinner. Making sure that each has a good number of calories in it and that it is filling and energetic. 5. You need to eat at right time too We know that you need to take a lot of calories for this aggressive workout routine, and for that you have to eat a lot too, but eating the right thing at right time is important as well. For example, when you are back from the workout and your muscles have stressed them out badly, taking a protein shake or some high protein snack would be beneficial to your muscles as it will help in the process of healing of the muscles and will repair them as well. Since your body needs nutrition to recover from the tough gym routine, therefore treating it with a high protein diet will help it recover itself. 6. Do not follow the same routine every day You would be amazed to know, but your body has a feature called muscle memory, due to this memory, the body starts adapt to the physical activity that it has been having every day for a time. the same routine does not have the same physical stress on the muscles as well, so try changing the routine every now and them. You could make a schedule of the workout that you have to perform every day and keep adding something new to it time to time. This way the body will keep waiting for the element of surprise and would not get inactive to the strength training you are doing. 7. Sleep is equally important as well You need to understand that the sleep is something very important to develop muscle mass because when you sleep, your body gets relaxed and takes rest. The rest is important because while you are sleeping, your muscles will relax and they will start getting bulkier. Your body also needs the rest to recover from such aggressive workout session. So take a sound sleep for roughly six to eight hours every day. 8. Working hard is the key Remember that you cannot get anything without effort. The more effort you will put in the muscle gain process, the better would be the results and they would should as well. If you are wasting a lot of your time at gym, not working out in real, you should not expect to gain the weight in the similar fashion. 9. Strength training is not the same for women If you are a lady and trying t get some muscle, you should understand beforehand that a woman cannot get the bulk as much as a man can. There is difference in the bodies of the two and they respond to it accordingly for the muscle gain.

If you want to shape up to lose fat, we recommended building some muscle before cutting your diet. However, if you have excessive fat, it’s best to start with a cutting diet and then moving onto building some muscle for a trimmed, defined body.

For those wanting to tone their bodies, it is suggested that you vary your workout routine to include exercises for your arms, legs, chest, and shoulders. Consider mixing endurance and resistance training exercises that help with your cardiovascular health alongside getting you in shape. This will help in building lean muscle mass and burning fat at a faster rate. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great option for those wishing to practice healthy cardio exercises. Remember to cool down for at least 5 minutes following a cardio session.

Before beginning a workout session, remember to stretch so that you warm up and avoid the risk of muscle injury. Also, focus on your core exercises to build strength and stamina.

Shape Up At Home

In case you are pressed for time or are running low on cash, you can always get fit at home. All you need to do is follow some basic exercise routines, stay consistent and have a balanced diet for the desired effects to kick in.

Remember to always start with a warmup routine and proceed with a few aerobic exercises. You can do squats to help strengthen your body and proceed with some yoga poses such as a downward-facing dog. Just try working on areas that you want to build up but always remember to mix up resistance training with cardio to allow the entire body to workout as well.

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a 30-45 minutes workout to help you ease into the routine. You can gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workout after you feel your body can take the pressure.

Purchase a few dumbells and weights and start practising moderate forms of weight training to build muscles. Apart from that, you can easily find great videos online that help you with carrying out different exercises such as burpees, lunges, planks, pushups, and others. Whether its strength circuit training or cardio circuit training, be sure to define your goal and stick to it.


It is hard getting in shape if you don’t believe in yourself. There are a lot of ways to change it. You can find a mentor, coach or read a self-development blog.

A few suggestions to help you get into shape would be to cut down on harmful substances such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking. Secondly, focus on improving your sleep patterns in order to help with your quality of life. And always remember to be committed to achieving your goal of getting in shape by never giving up.

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