Adam Kaszewski – 2013 Man Of The Year Award Nominee

Adam Kaszewski – 2013 Man Of The Year Award Nominee

Adam Kaszewski Lui by Marco Mezzani

Adam Kaszewski – 2013 Model Man of the Year Award

men-style-fashion-2013-awards-300The famous fashion designers are increasingly attracted by the new faces from Central and Eastern Europe. Adam Kaszewski, a young Pole (Warsaw Management AS Model Agency), apparently has conquered the great French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s been already the time year they are working together and “it does not end there” – Adam said to me yesterday in a short interview on skype directly from Shanghai where he is right now in business (“What business?”, I asked, “Top Secret for now”). Last year this “piercing gaze” man led the parade Gaultier and now is part of his Lookbook. We could also see him during the fashion shows in Paris / Milan Fashion Week Jean Paul Gaultier Prêt – à – Porter Homme 2013/14 and the last week in a fantastic shooting for ID Magazine by very very famous William Baker, a photographer and stylist of the stars like Rihanna, Kylie Minouge, Britney Spears, Lily Allen and Bjork. Although his career began a year ago, already has a good position in the fashion world. Elegant, classic, simple! Congratulations, Adam, the 2013 it was definitely your year!

How could you describe your collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier, a great personality in the world of fashion?

“It ‘s a huge honor. This collaboration has been going on since January 2013, when I opened it for the first time the parade of Parisian Jeana Paul Show. He is a very nice person, always smiling, has his age, but he knows what he wants, no schemes. Also, the entire team that works for him, is very nice and friendly. Working with them is a pleasure. ”

Your career developed so quickly. Tell me about your greatest successes of the last year.

“Soon I will go a year since beeing the model. It seems to me that being the face of Gaultier collection is my greatest achievement, even though our work relationship does not end here. The great success were also the five shows in Paris and Milan, where I worked for the famous brand Trussardi, Thierry Mugler, Moncler and JPG. Then, the three fashion shows during Paris FW S / S 14. To tell the truth, for me, every job is a success and a big step forward. ”

Do you have intentions to stay forever in the fashion or do you have any other plans for the future?

“I have many plans, but now I want to focus on one thing. For now I’ll stop here without forgetting that every day brings new opportunities. Sometimes life changes our programs in a second, not always as we’ve planned. Now I am happy with what I have” [He smiles with his charming disarming modesty.

Images and Stylist Credits

Ph by Rick Owens Menswear, William Baker (ID MAGAZINE), Marco Mezzani (LUI MAGAZINE), James Perry, Jean Paul Gaultier,  Marcos Domingo Sanchez

i D Winter 2013 by William Baker


i D Winter 2013 by William Baker


Adam Kaszewski Lui by Marco Mezzani


Adam Kaszewski for Jean Paul Gaultier

Adam Kaszewski by James Perry


Adam by Marcos Domingo-Sanchez 4 American Idle


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